Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 4th.

Sunday. 6th.

Saturday. 5th. CFA Saturday. 5th. CFA
Saturday. 5th.

My intention was originally not to have remained at Quincy beyond the close of this last month, but my parents appear to take so much pleasure in our stay and the children appear to enjoy the air so much that I delay.

I went into town today. My time much taken up in correcting proof, going down to the Athenaeum and home in Accounts. My father also gave me a commission to perform for him in the purchase of some shares in the Atlas Insurance Co. I have rarely known a day pass faster. Another number of my pieces appeared this morning in the Advocate and I carried to the Office a fourth, for next week. I had not half transacted my business when it became necessary to return to Quincy.

After dinner finished the story of Theodor, which has not only amused me but kept up my acquaintance with the language. I do not wish to give up my literary tastes in the pursuit of my political amusement. Politics are well as a condiment but they are too spicy for food. Evening quietly at home.