Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Wednesday. 9th.

Friday. 11th.

Thursday. 10th. CFA Thursday. 10th. CFA
Thursday. 10th.

The greater part of this day was devoted to the continuation of an examination of the papers of my grandmother which are so voluminous as to present great difficulties to an arrangement. But I occasionally pick up scattered papers of considerable value which I shall keep for the purpose of copying. Among other things an abstract or two of his conversation made by Harriet Welsh during the time of her stay which are more amusing than any thing.1 I once had thoughts of doing the same thing, particularly as I recollect upon a night when I had heard from him an anecdote or anecdotes of a rare sort. But I was then too young to do it with effect. Were it now, I should certainly have done it. Yet even now I have the opportunity with my father and I do not use it. But in truth my father is yet too much wrapt up in politics of the day to dwell much upon the things of the past.

He talked to me today about the course of the Advocate respecting the Bank and ended with a request that I should for him make a remonstrance to Mr. Hallett. I found in the course of this conversation one of the inconveniencies of my position. He intimated that the connexion I had with the Advocate would inevitably implicate him and thus give a very bad aspect to its course upon the Bank subject. Now he very plainly thinks I do take my opinions from him and that the world therefore judges with good cause. It is possible that I do, but 213as there are many points upon which I differ from him, although I do not press them at present upon public notice, it follows that my being able not to press them arises from my private situation where I can select my topics. In any public one I could do so far less and should often embarrass as well as be embarrassed by him. This will be a caution to me for future guidance. Domestic politics must be avoided. I must decline every prospect of place in which they are agitated. This is no sacrifice to me for I prefer my present independence.

This is the birth day of Mrs. John Adams and her younger daughter and the usual ceremonies at dinner. Evening Mr. Price Greenleaf and Mr. Lunt.


Copies in CFA’s hand of these abstracts of JA’s conversation are in the Adams Papers (M/CFA/31; Microfilms, Reel No. 327).