Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Thursday. 10th.

Saturday. 12th.

Friday. 11th. CFA Friday. 11th. CFA
Friday. 11th.

Morning cool but fine. I went to town and was as usual engaged in a great variety of duties upon my getting there. I went to the House from which I despatched a Note to Miss Julia Gorham who is about to be married,1 with a present. She expects almost too much happiness to be likely to have her wishes realized. Office where I found Mr. Isaac P. Davis and made the arrangements necessary previous to starting on Monday morning next. Mr. Brooks has also agreed to make one of the party.

I called down to see Mr. Hallett and according to my promise to my father I laid before him the precise state of the case. He was far more tractable than upon a preceding occasion. He said that he had been willing to consider it a dead question that he held opinions of rather a radical sort respecting banks and was opposed to the National Bank but knowing that my father was of a different opinion as well as many members of the party it was his design to avoid all notice of it. The pieces which had been put in during his absence had gone in without his knowledge and he should not have consented to them. The understanding between us therefore is that hereafter no attacks upon the Bank are to go into the paper. We talked about some other points in connection with the state of the party which are of difficult decision. But there is nothing else of difference at present between us. This experience will however warn me not to go in deep water. The ocean of politics may do very well for my father and grandfather but I cannot reconcile myself to it’s billows or it’s bitterness.

This Journey will take me out of the Atmosphere for a few days and 214probably change the current of my thoughts. The time flew so that I heard the bell ring at Mr. Halletts Office. And as I had got no proof today, it rendered my going to town again tomorrow quite necessary. The remainder of the day was passed in attempting to do something more with the MS papers but I made slight progress in comparison with what was left. Quiet at home in the evening.


The note is missing.