Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 5th.

Sunday. 7th.

Saturday. 6th. CFA Saturday. 6th. CFA
Saturday. 6th.

This week has been about as uniformly cold as any within my remembrance. The suffering from it must be considerable although I have personally suffered even less than usual from it. I went to the Office, occupied there in bringing up my Diary and in Accounts. Notified the Tenants of the change contemplated in this building, delivered the remainder of the Boylston Market Papers to the new Clerk and then went up to finish all the Stock entries, but met Mr. Rupp who told me that an accident had befallen our Chimney in No. 2 and he could make no fire.


Short walk and then home. Livy. Afternoon, I began a sketch of a number according to the wishes of Mr. Hallett but did not satisfy myself. Finished the Ten Years Exile which is left but a fragment. This is to be regretted as it is on every Account one of her most piquant works. Evening, Madame Junot and then continued my labour.