Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Thursday. 3d.

Saturday. 5th.

Friday. 4th. CFA Friday. 4th. CFA
Friday. 4th.

A mild day at last, and one giving us some little intimation of the approach of spring. My time was very much taken up in business. I finished the transaction with Mr. Derby and took a Deed of his right, suffering the claim of the Mortgage to lie on the Estate, Mr. Bowditch not being willing to release it. This rendered necessary the investment of the money destined for that purpose. And what with Mr. Degrand, and my books and Accounts and Diary, I had little leisure for any thing. Got home late too for my Livy.

Afternoon, finished my second letter to Mr. Slade and read the Account of the taking of Rome by the Gauls under Brennus. Evening went again to the Theatre to see the Somnambula—Performance as good as usual. I shall remember the moments spent in hearing these notes as the pleasantest of my life. How far superior to the low rooms and dark consultations for political arrangements. The intrigue of small passions and miserable policy. I am just at this moment in a fit of deep disgust at all this which time and patience will only cure.