Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Wednesday. 9th.

Friday. 11th.

Thursday. 10th. CFA Thursday. 10th. CFA
Thursday. 10th.

Morning mild with fog and slight rain which by night time became a flood. I went to the Office and was occupied there in Diary and Accounts. Nothing of material consequence. Walk, which I insisted upon. Met T. Dwight and he told me his brother was in town, an old college acquaintance. Saw him afterwards in the Street and asked him to fix his day to come and dine, which he did—Monday. He is disposed te renew an acquaintance which was pleasant enough formerly. I regarded him in former days as the most strongly marked character in the class. Home, Livy. Afternoon, Niebuhr, and de la Motte Fouqué, Madame Junot and Montagne, whom I occasionally take up for an hour’s diversion.