Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Wednesday. 11th.

Friday. 13th.

Thursday. 12th. CFA Thursday. 12th. CFA
Thursday. 12th.

Very warm day. I went to the Office after a walk with my children and superintending the opening of the pictures by Leslie of my father and mother which Mr. Johnson has sent me.1 Time taken up in writing and in Accounts. Called upon two or three dunning expeditions and some other commissions which I had. Joseph H. Adams called and told me that Mr. Spear had made arrangements about a gardener, but did not feel authorized to make a permanent engagement. Made out an account for T. B. Adams, and I propose shortly to write him thereupon. Home, Livy. Afternoon, Sismondi and Ariosto, Forster’s Journey. Mr. Brooks took tea with us and Mr. T. K. Davis spent the evening. Nothing new.


See entry for 19 April, above. The explanation of the laconic record of the arrival of the portraits probably lies in Johnson’s failure to communicate to CFA anything of his intent about the paintings: “I know nothing about them and am somewhat tempted to decline taking them.... [I]f he gives me no evidence of their ownership, I will keep them until he shall think proper to make a claim. And if he does this at any time, I will surrender them just in the same manner that I should his other property now under my care” (CFA To LCA, 25 April, Adams Papers).