Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Tuesday. 17th.

Thursday 19th.

Wednesday 18th. CFA Wednesday 18th. CFA
Wednesday 18th.

The second of my letters appeared today and reads so well that I think it will not fail of an effect. I have got beyond the time for being smothered, I suspect. There appears however at the head of it a distinct announcement of the editor’s disposition not to be responsible for them which looks as if he had been assaulted about them.1

I went to Quincy where I found things advancing. The interior of the house begins to look like a human habitation. I gave a multitude of directions which may be of service during my absence and found many things done as directed. Home. The soft Southerly wind made it feel a very different thing today from Monday, and my return particularly was pleasant. Home.


Afternoon resumed my coins which have suffered a few days interruption by my other work. Evening Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham came and passed an hour very pleasantly. They come without form and take a little something sociably and go early. I sent today my last letter to Mr. Biddle. These four letters have cost me no great labour to write and yet on the whole I like them as well as any thing I ever did.


The disclaimer read: “The Publishers of the Courier wish it to be distinctly understood, that, until the editor announces, under his own hand, his ability to resume his duties, he must not be considered as concurring in, or responsible for, any opinion expressed in its columns” (18 April, p. 2, col. 1).