Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Thursday 26th.

Saturday 28th.

Friday. 27th. CFA Friday. 27th. CFA
Friday. 27th.

Up early this morning and off to Philadelphia in the boat. Travelling between the great cities is now such a matter of fact affair that it is needless to describe it. The disagreeable portions of it arise from the crowd and the roughness of the companions with which one is thrown. We crossed from Amboy to Bordentown and then came to the City in a boat, arriving there at about two o’clock to dine.

Went by mistake to the North American Hotel but the rooms were so good I thought it needless to move. After dinner, Mrs. Henry called with T. K. Davis who went to his uncle’s. The day was perfectly lovely, and I went out to walk after which I took my Louisa to the Museum. An uncommonly good one. So much fatigued in the evening that I went to bed early.