Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Saturday 28th.

Monday. 30th.

Sunday. 29th. CFA Sunday. 29th. CFA
Sunday. 29th.

Day fine. After breakfast called upon T. K. Davis and walked with him to the Catholic College1 where he wanted to see a youth, the son of Mrs. Henry, a fine looking boy enough. Thence back to Mrs. Brooks’ with whom we went to Church.

The service was well performed and affected me as it always does. Dr. Wyatt, the Clergyman preached a Sermon upon the necessity of faith and illustrated it by a variety of positions which were tolerably ingenious. He alluded to the disorganizing tendencies of the country with an exhortation to the practice of the Christian principles as the only effective counteraction. The discourse was not such as we are accustomed to hear, but agreeable to the usual strain of this Church.2 After the service, we accompanied Gorham Brooks to the Water works and reservoir at Jones’ falls and enjoyed a pleasant walk. Dinner quite pleasant, after which another walk and home.

Baltimore is a neat looking place in the upper end and on this visit recommends itself more to my feelings, but you see the hand of slavery in it clearly enough. Indolence is the characteristic, and this indolence leads to negligence internally and externally. So fatigued that I was glad to retire early.


St. Mary’s College and Theological Seminary was located on Pennsylvania Avenue, just north of Franklin Street (Matchett’s Baltimore Director, 1835/6, Baltimore, 1835).


St. Paul’s Church, of which Rev. William Wyatt was rector (J. Thomas Scharf, The Chronicles of Baltimore, Baltimore, 1874, p. 30).