Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Thursday 31st.

Saturday. 2d.

Friday June 1st. CFA Friday June 1st. CFA
Friday June 1st.

I slept better than I usually do but yet was up shortly after the sun. Our course had been very favorable and we were off Point Judith with little to mark the circumstance. We reached Newport at seven and Providence at nine where we took the cars and found ourselves at home by twelve, thus having accomplished in fifty four hours the whole distance without any considerable fatigue. What a difference in travelling since I can remember it, when I went over the whole ground by land at great cost of personal strength in five days and nights.

It was so soon before dinner that I dressed only and did not go out. After dinner, time taken up in putting away things and dawdling as people do before they can get settled down to any active occupation. Evening at home. Sidney Brooks called in.