Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Saturday. 2d.

Monday 4th.

57 Sunday 3d. CFA Sunday 3d. CFA
Sunday 3d.

Fine day. I was relieved of my headach and turned my attention to my catalogue of coins, but made not much progress before it was time to attend divine service at the Meeting house in Chauncy Place.1 Dr. Frothingham preached from Genesis 11. 1. “And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech.” His view of the confusion of tongues at the building of Babel was new to me. He regards it not so much as any manifestation of the divine anger as one of the instruments in his hands for the dispersion of man over the world, in execution of a part of the ends of creation.

Afternoon, Mr. Lothrop. Romans 2. 11. “For there is no respect of persons with God.” A discourse I did not find very interesting. After service read a discourse of Buckminster upon grace. Ephesians 2. 5. “By grace ye are saved.” He considers the sense in which the word grace has been used, in connection with election, or with works or with mediation and then gives his own which appears to resolve itself into works simply.

Evening quiet. My mind has been slightly depressed almost without my being able to analyze the cause since my return. The visit to Washington has been a pleasant and a flattering one to me, but it should not have the effect of rendering me dissatisfied here where I am not treated quite as favorably as others. This is my native land upon which my fathers have stood their ground since the country was peopled and I will not desert it or even think a wish to be elsewhere. No other ground is like this for me however the case might be were I not precisely in the situation that I am.


On the First Church or “Meeting house in Chauncy Place,” see vols. 3:xi, 14; 4:xiv.