Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Thursday 27th.

Saturday 29th.

Friday 28th. CFA Friday 28th. CFA
Friday 28th.

Cloudy, damp day. Morning to town. Afternoon at home in reading. Evening at the Mansion.

My father accompanied me to town. Time taken up in giving final orders about the repairs in Acorn Street, and in visiting it to see the progress. Mr. Apthorp finally agreed for it to take possession whenever I notify him. Lucretius b. 4. 914–1130, and Grimm.

My father today in conversation suggested to me the expediency of following up the examination of the South Carolina policy. I have had some idea of this myself, but there is to me little satisfaction in producing for others what they will not approve, or hardly read, and when even admission to a press appears to be rather tacitly granted as a favour than considered desirable. Nothing but a strong sense of duty to myself induces me to persevere in a system productive of such discouragements.1 Evening with the family.


The idea that CFA should prepare a piece on the subject here discussed eventuated in the publication of his “Political Speculations Upon the Carolina Policy”; see entry for 15 Nov., below.