Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Wednesday 5th.

Friday 7th.

Thursday 6th. CFA Thursday 6th. CFA
Thursday 6th.

Cloudy. At home all day. Distribution as usual.

The weather promises better. I hope we shall enjoy it for hitherto we have had little of the true pleasure of the country.

I continued my work upon Tucker and made a pretty deep dive into the business. It is a peculiarity of mine to become rapidly tired of any occupation which lasts a great while. This makes it very difficult for me to develope my own thoughts fully enough to be readily understood by others. I am afraid I am falling into this error in the present instance.

Read Lessing, Nathan der Weise and Lucan 5 and 6 books, 100 in each. Dined and took tea at the Mansion. Evening visit to Mr. and Mrs. T. Greenleaf.