Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Friday November 1st.

Sunday. 3d.

Saturday 2d. CFA Saturday 2d. CFA
Saturday 2d.

Weather much the same. To town. Afternoon at home. Evening at the Mansion.

I went to town this morning instead of yesterday. Occupied much of the day in the various little duties which must be performed in order to get transferred to town. Just as I was starting my father stepped out and strongly advised me if my place had not been filled up to retrace my steps. I of course felt very willing to defer to such authority although my own judgment did not second it, and agreed to do so if an opening remained. But as nobody came near me about it while in town, I inferred that the matter was settled and in such a way that I escape all disregard of my friends’ wishes. This is as it should be. I believe the matter is settled right. Some talk with Mr. Brooks about it who was brought round to my way of thinking, from his general dislike of political life. I also received from Govr. Everett a kind letter which came too late.1 He urged the probable strength of the vote for me as a test of public opinion. He knows how to flatter.

After working for Mr. Curtis I returned, and spent the afternoon at home in writing. In the evening to the Mansion where Miss Cutts had arrived from Boston. Poor little Fanny continues suffering from her illness to so great a degree as to render it doubtful whether the family will be able to move for some time to the southward.


Edward Everett to CFA, 31 Oct., Adams Papers.