Diary of John Adams, volume 1

7 Fryday. JA 7 Fryday. Adams, John
7 Fryday.

Spent the Evening and supped at Mr. Maccartys. A mans observing the Flux of the Tide to Day, renders it credible that the same Phenomenon may be observed tomorrow. In the same manner, our Experience that the Author of Nature has annexed Pain to Vice, and Pleasure to Virtue, in general I mean, renders it credible that the same or a like Disposition of Things may take place hereafter. Our observing that the State of minority was designed to be an Education for mature Life, and that our good or ill Success in a mature Life, depends upon our good or ill improvement of our Advantages in Minority, renders it credible that this Life was designed to be an Education, for a future one, and that our Happiness or Misery in a future life will be alloted us, according as our Characters shall be virtuous or vicious. For God governs his great Kingdom the World by very general Laws. We cannot indeed observe many Instances of these Laws. But wherever we see any 26particular Disposition of Things, we may strongly presume that there are other dispositions of Things in other Systems of Nature, analogous and of a Piece with them.

8 Saturday. JA 8 Saturday. Adams, John
8 Saturday.

Went a Shooting with Mr. Putnam. Drank Tea with him and his Lady.

9 Sunday. JA 9 Sunday. Adams, John
9 Sunday.

Since last Sunday I have wrote a few Papers of the Spectators, read the last Part of Butlers Analogy, wrote out the Tract upon personal Identity, and that upon the nature of Virtue.1 A poor Weeks Work! Spent the Evening at Mr. Greenes.


These tracts were appended to Butler’s Analogy of Religion.

10 Monday. JA 10 Monday. Adams, John
10 Monday.

A pleasant Day.

11 Tuesday. JA 11 Tuesday. Adams, John
11 Tuesday.

A pleasant day. The first Day of Court. Nature and Truth or rather Truth and right are invariably the same in all Times and in all Places. And Reason, pure unbiassed Reason perceives them alike in all Times and in all Places. But Passion, Prejudice, Interest, Custom and Fancy are infinitely precarious. If therefore we suffer our Understandings to be blinded or perverted by any of these, the Chance is that of millions to one, that we shall embrace error. And hence arises that endless Variety of Opinions entertained by Mankind.—The Weather and the Season are beyond expression delightful. The Fields are coverd with a bright and lively Verdure. The Trees are all in bloom, and the atmosphere is filled with a ravishing Fragrance. The Air is soft and yielding and the Setting sun Sprinkled his departing Rays over the Face of Nature, and enlivened all the Land skips around me. The Trees put forth their Leaves and the Birds fill the Spray. Supd at Gardiners.

12 Wednesday. JA 12 Wednesday. Adams, John
12 Wednesday.

Rambled about all Day, gaping and gazing.

12 [i.e. 13] Thurdsday. JA 12 [i.e. 13] Thurdsday. Adams, John
12 i.e. 13 Thurdsday.

Spent the Evening with Mr. Swan at home.