Diary of John Adams, volume 3

Dutch Translation of John Adams' “Novanglus” Letters, 1782 facing page 32[unavailable]

Titlepage of the Amsterdam edition of John Adams' newspaper essays signed “Novanglus,” originally printed in the Boston Gazette, 1775, in reply to Daniel Leonard's loyalist articles signed “Massachusettensis.” The present volume was the first collected edition of the “Novanglus” essays in any language. No novice in journalism and propaganda, Adams had this translation printed and circulated for the purpose of informing the Dutch of the events leading to the American war and inspiring confidence in himself as a negotiator. See the note under the Diary entry of 30 April 1775, vol. 2:161; also Adams' comment in the present volume, p. 313–314.

Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.