Adams Family Correspondence, volume 4

John Quincy Adams to John Adams, 21 May 1781 JQA JA John Quincy Adams to John Adams, 21 May 1781 Adams, John Quincy Adams, John
John Quincy Adams to John Adams
Honour'd Sir Leyden May the 21 st 1781

Inclosed are some numbers of the lettres Hollandoises. 1I took them out of thier covers, because I knew they were nothing else, and I could not do them up so well when they were in, however, if you please, I will not take out any more; Mr. Luzac's this day's paper is also inclos'd.


I wrote to brother Charles by Mr. Thaxter, and to you the night before last,2 but have not yet reciev'd answers to either.

I am, your dutiful Son, John Quincy Adams

RC (Adams Papers); endorsed in John Thaxter's hand: “Master John 21st. May 1781.” Enclosures not found, but see note 1.


Lettres hollandoises, ou correspondance politique sur l'etat present de l'Europe, notamment de la Republique des Sept Provinces-Unies, a journal or news sheet published in Brussels friendly to the American cause; the author or editor was said by Edmund Jenings to be named Rivales (Jenings to JA, 24 Jan., 18 Feb. 1781; Adams Papers). A set of this work with JQA's bookplate, vols. 1–3, 5–7, is in MQA; the whole or parts of vols. 3–4 are in MB ( Catalogue of JA's Library , p. 145).


JQA's letter to his father of 19 May is above; that to CA has not been found.

Hugh Hughes to Abigail Adams, 21 May 1781 Hughes, Hugh AA Hugh Hughes to Abigail Adams, 21 May 1781 Hughes, Hugh Adams, Abigail
Hugh Hughes to Abigail Adams
Madam Fishkill May 21st. 1781

I do myself the Honour, at the Request of the Honble. James Lovel Esq; Member of Congress, to address two Packages, that were left here by Doctr. Winship, to you. They came to Hand without a Case, which I have order'd made for their Security. They are in Charge of a Mr. Brown, who conducts a Wagon from Philadelphia to Boston, for some Members of Congress and others.

When I began this, Brown was not got here from the Landing. He is now arriv'd and I inclose his Receipt for the Box and its Contents, which I wish safe to Hand.

Lest it should be imagin'd that the Packages had been neglected, I must beg Leave to acquaint you Madam that they were left in Store without my Privity, unless as a Part of Doctr. Winship's Baggage which I never saw, but told him that he was welcome to store it, till he could send for it, which Situation they remaind in till I received Mr. Lovell's Requisition to make Inquiry for them, in doing which they were discover'd by the Storekeeper, as above, that is, with the Doctr's. Chest and Trunk &c. They appear'd to be entire, and in tolerable Order, and I hope they have sustain'd no Injury. I beg Pardon for being this tedious, which I should not have been, had I not conceiv'd it an indispensable Duty.

As I perceive by Mr. Lovell's Letter that his Lady has some Interest in the Packages, I beg you will please to communicate the Contents of this to her.

I have the Honour to be, with the greatest Respect, Madam, your most Obedient and very Humble Sert., Hugh Hughes1 120

RC (Adams Papers); at foot of text: “The Honble Mrs. John Adams.” Enclosed “Receipt” not found.


Hugh Hughes, mentioned passingly in earlier letters, was a New York officer in the Quartermaster General's department who was stationed on the east side of the Hudson at Fishkill (now Beacon), N.Y. (Heitman, Register Continental Army ). Lovell had explained the arrangements with Hughes in his letter to AA of 14 May, above.