Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

443 22. VI. CFA 22. VI. CFA
22. VI.

Leave Trenton, Steamboat to Philadelphia, thence to New Castle, Marshall, conversation with him, Stage to Frenchtown, Mr. A. Townsend,1 Steamboat to Baltimore.


Presumably Alexander Townsend, Harvard 1802, a Boston lawyer who corresponded with JQA ( Mass. Register, 1824, p. 40).

23. 1:30. CFA 23. 1:30. CFA
23. 1:30.

Arrive at Baltimore, wait for Stage, to Washington. Singular companions, arrive at home, family, dinner party, Conversation with John.

24. IX. CFA 24. IX. CFA
24. IX.

Morning at home, visits to Mrs. Frye, Mr. T. B. Johnson’s,1 Thomas J. Hellen, return, evening at home, family.


Thomas Baker Johnson (1778?–1843), LCA’s brother, who had been postmaster at New Orleans but had apparently resigned in the summer of 1824 (LCA to GWA, 22 July 1824, Adams Papers). See Adams Genealogy.

25. IX:10.<a xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" href="#DCA01d387n1" class="note" id="DCA01d387n1a">1</a> CFA 25. IX:10. CFA
25. IX:10.1

Morning at home, Christmas day, family dinner at Mr. Frye’s, evening, Chess, my mother’s ill health.


CFA added “Washington,” in pencil, in the margin of the MS beside this entry.

26. IX:15. CFA 26. IX:15. CFA
26. IX:15.

Morning at home, Church, Capitol, Mt. Vernon, visits, Miss Selden, Miss Cottringers, John, evening, Conversation with him.

27. IX:20. CFA 27. IX:20. CFA
27. IX:20.

Morning at home, billiards with John, evening, ball at Mrs. Brown’s, dull, and no acquaintance.

28. IX. CFA 28. IX. CFA
28. IX.

Morning at home, walk, visits, principal people, Johnson Hellen, evening, Miss Pleasonton,1 Miss Peter, party at home.


Matilda Pleasanton, the daughter of Stephen Pleasanton.

29. IX:5. CFA 29. IX:5. CFA
29. IX:5.

Morning out to walk, purchases, Thomas J. Hellen, evening, Theatre, Damon and Pythias, Mr. Pelby,1 full house, Oyster Supper.


William Pelby was starring in John Banim’s tragedy.