Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

7. IX. CFA 7. IX. CFA
7. IX.

Morning as usual, politics, Mr. Clay and Mr. Kremer, conversation, 450Johnson, evening, Theatre, Damon and Pythias, Mr. Cooper, very crowded, Catherine and Petruchio.1


The stage copy of The Taming of the Shrew, which was made from Shakespeare’s play by David Garrick.

8. IX. CFA 8. IX. CFA
8. IX.

Morning as usual, reading Waverley, and talking politics, my father, evening, party at home, large, opposition people, large number, party in high spirits.

9. VIII:30. CFA 9. VIII:30. CFA
9. VIII:30.

Morning at home, snow. Election of President,1 at half past three my father elected, cured of head ache, congratulations, evening, Circus, Tom and Jerry, serenade.


JQA was elected President by the House of Representatives, each state voting as a unit. The six New England states, New York, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and Illinois comprised his slim majority of thirteen states. The defection of the last three states from Jackson to Adams made JQA the winner despite Jackson’s greater popular vote in the country and in the Electoral College. See Bemis, JQA , 2:47 and entry for 1 Dec. 1824, above.

10. IX. CFA 10. IX. CFA
10. IX.

Morning as usual, Committee of Congress, visits,1 evening, family go to the Military ball, George and I at home in conversation.


At noon a committee of the House of Representatives, consisting of Daniel Webster, Joseph Vance of Ohio, and William Segar Archer of Virginia, called on JQA to announce that he had been elected President (JQA, Diary, 10 Feb. 1825).

11. IX:20. CFA 11. IX:20. CFA
11. IX:20.

Morning at home, bad weather, visits, reading Hodgson’s letters,1 evening Theatre, Mr. Keene’s benefit, Love in a village, Don Juan,2 disgusting scene.


A copy of Adam Hodgson’s Letters from North America, Written during a Tour of the United States and Canada, 2 vols., London, 1824, is in the Stone Library.


Isaac Bickerstaffe’s comic opera, Love in a Village, and the “grand pantomimical ballad,” Don Juan, by Carlos Antonio Delpini and Walley Chamberlain Oulton.

12. IX. CFA 12. IX. CFA
12. IX.

Morning spent at home, want of conversation and excitement since election, evening spent at home with the family.

13. VIII:50. CFA 13. VIII:50. CFA
13. VIII:50.

Morning at Church, Mr. Little’s1 with Johnson, dinner party, 451family, Mr. Owen2 and Crowninshields, evening company, Mrs. Cutts3 and others.


Robert Little, minister of the Unitarian church in Washington (JQA, Memoirs , 7:324).


Robert Owen (1771–1858), the British social reformer who had made his cotton mills at New Lanark, Scotland, a model community, had come to America to found the New Harmony colony in Indiana ( DNB ).


Presumably Mrs. Richard Cutts, wife of the assistant comptroller of the Treasurer, 1817–1829, and an intimate friend of LCA (Bemis, JQA , 2:537).