Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

166 Saturday 29th. CFA Saturday 29th. CFA
Saturday 29th.

I returned to Boston pretty rapidly, as the weather was quite cold. Called at George’s where I met John and returned to the Exchange with him where I remained to dine. Went to Quincy in the Stage with George. Found there Mr. Harrod1 and two daughters and Miss Julia Dearborn2 on visits to the family of my Uncle.


Presumably Charles Harrod, brother of Mrs. TBA. One of the daughters was Susan D. Harrod, who in 1832 married William Boyd of Portland (Columbian Centinel, 15 Sept. 1832).


This noted belle was the daughter of General Henry Dearborn and the future wife of General Joshua Wingate (NEHGR, 5 [1851]:201; 19 [1865]:351).

Sunday. 30th. CFA Sunday. 30th. CFA
Sunday. 30th.

Morning passed in conversation with John about the affairs of my father. I was seeking for information from him as to the value of his lands in Quincy, but found none in conversing directly with the President. In the afternoon, at Meeting where Dr. Richmond preached.1 Very dull. A large number of the Quincy gentlemen at the House in the evening.


Abel Richmond, the Congregational minister at Halifax, in Plymouth county ( Mass. Register, 1827, p. 112).