Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

195 Friday. 21st. CFA Friday. 21st. CFA
Friday. 21st.

Morning at the Office but not occupied very usefully. Called at Dr. Gorham’s and Mrs. Frothingham’s to see Abby but did not succeed. In the afternoon I saw her for an hour at Dr. Gorham’s. Then went and took a walk which I have established for myself as a practice as I find that this cold weather braces me severely. In the evening I called for Abby and took her and Julia Gorham to Mrs. J. Amory’s.1 As Abby was very lame I was anxious that she should not dance, and although it was rather a tedious thing to her to stand out, and I was apprehensive she would not bear it well, yet on the whole she went through it in a manner rather gratifying to me. At home early.


Presumably Mrs. Jonathan Amory, wife of the wealthy Boston merchant, who lived at 7 Park Street ( Boston Freeholders, 1822, p. 12).

Saturday. 22d. CFA Saturday. 22d. CFA
Saturday. 22d.

Wrote to my Mother before breakfast.1 I then went to see Abby at Mrs. Frothingham’s, and spent the longer part of the morning with her. Returned to the Office and conversed with George. Dined at Dr. Gorham’s. I was compelled unwillingly to this, as Abby being there, I knew they did not want me, yet would think it extraordinary that after being invited I should decline. Mrs. Gorham is a woman very little to my taste. Her Sister, Harriet Warren, was there also.2 I am not partial to any of the Warrens. The name is synonimous with coldness of heart. I remained until five o’clock when my walk takes place. Went to George’s Office on my return and became engaged in a serious conversation with him. He is very much in danger of a relapse. And I talked with him in the most unequivocal manner. This year, as I have always said, is the crisis of his fate. The remainder of the evening at Dr. Gorham’s. Home at ten.


Letter missing.


Mrs. John Gorham, the former Mary Warren, and her sister Harriet were daughters of the famous Dr. John Warren (1753–1815), noted equally as a Revolutionary patriot and as a professor of surgery at Harvard ( DAB ).

Sunday. 23d. CFA Sunday. 23d. CFA
Sunday. 23d.

Very cold this morning. Did not go out as I was confident I should not be able to escape dining at Dr. Gorham’s. The family seemed so ill at ease yesterday by my being there I was determined I would not inflict a repetition of the same. Not very worthily occupied at home principally because I have no steady occupation. I went to George’s room at four and conversed with him; he was much better. Drank tea 196there and then walked to Mrs. Frothingham’s. Found Abby and Julia Gorham there with some other company, parishioners of Mr. F. on their Sunday visit. Returned home early but the weather was severely cold. Sidney Brooks has arrived but I have not seen him.