Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday 9th. CFA Sunday 9th. CFA
Sunday 9th.

Morning occupied in reading one of Miss Edgeworth’s Tales, Patronage.1 She displays great knowledge of human nature in her work but is a little prosy now and then withal. Went to Meeting this morning and heard Mr. Stetson deliver a tolerably good Sermon with an intolerable air. Occupied in reading much of the time in the after-220noon while the family remained at Meeting. In the evening Mr. Ward, a Medford gentleman, paid a visit and conversed much on many subjects, and among others, political ones.


CFA’s set of the Works of Maria Edgeworth, 13 vols., Boston, 1825, is in the Stone Library.

Monday 10th. CFA Monday 10th. CFA
Monday 10th.

Returned to town this morning. No letters. Read Blackstone at the Office. The day passed quietly and without interruption. Afternoon copying a writ for Mr. Kinsman. Took a walk, attended Moot Court and after hearing a spirited argument, returned home. George came in and passed an hour in conversation, political and otherwise, so that I had but little time to do any thing.

Tuesday. 11th. CFA Tuesday. 11th. CFA
Tuesday. 11th.

Received no letter from my Father this morning much to my surprise and wrote only a very short one in consequence. One from my Mother however in her usual melancholy style which makes the heart sick to think of it. She has lost all the elasticity of character which is necessary for the support of us in all situations, and I always look upon it with deep regret. Owing to a feeling of head ach I was unable to apply myself to any purpose during the day. But in the evening read Cicero and wrote Executive Record.

Wednesday. 12th. CFA Wednesday. 12th. CFA
Wednesday. 12th.

Morning occupied in reading Philosophy. Then to the Office engaged in Blackstone pretty much all the morning. Made good progress. Went out of town with Mr. Brooks to Medford. Found the family all tolerably well. The accounts from Ward grow more and more decisive. He will not long survive. Abby seemed in less spirits than usual. Evening passed en famille.

Thursday. 13th. CFA Thursday. 13th. CFA
Thursday. 13th.

Returned to town with Mr. Brooks. Conversation with him. Heard of the death of a friend of Abby, who was bride maid last year when she was married, Mrs. Chapin.1 A melancholy case. Morning at the Office. Blackstone. Two letters. One from my father informing me that one of mine was missing and one from Richardson at Washington.2 Afternoon, Hutchinson. Conversation with George. Evening at home, Cicero and Executive Record.


Mrs. Charles Chapin, the former Elizabeth Bridge (Boston Daily Advertiser, 14 Mar. 1828).


The letter from Richardson is missing.