Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday. 23rd. CFA Monday. 23rd. CFA
Monday. 23rd.

Morning at the Office reading Kent’s Commentaries. Found them dull and myself sleepy. Heard of the death of James Perkins, the 250richest man of his age in Boston.1 No loss however. After dinner, occupied in copying Executive Record, and finished Voltaire’s Louis 15th. Looked a little into the question arising out of the Revolution which is now in agitation between my father and myself and read two of Mr. Clay’s Speeches. Evening with Abby at Mrs. Frothingham’s. Her friends Julia Gorham and Anne Carter were there.


James Perkins, Harvard 1809.

Tuesday. 24th. CFA Tuesday. 24th. CFA
Tuesday. 24th.

Morning at the Office. Wrote a letter to my father explaining my ideas upon the power of Parliament in reference to us as Colonies. Then read a little of Kent. The weather was extremely warm. After dinner, occupied myself a short time in copying Executive Record, and then went to Mrs. Frothingham’s to see Abby. Passed the Afternoon with her and in the Evening went with her to Mrs. Gorham’s to see Julia. Anne Carter was there also. Returned at ten o’clock. My feelings for a few days back have been singular and unaccountable. To me Life has seemed the most indifferent thing in the world. I do not care about any thing, feel little or no interest in any thing, not even in Abby. Melancholy seems more settled and the heat has made it languid. Reflection is all of an unprofitable kind for I feel at present no interest for the future, no remembrance of the past, no notice of the present. How long it will continue, I cannot tell but hope soon that my mind will receive some stimulus which may prevent it’s stagnating in this perplexing way. It makes my attentions to Abby fatiguing though I like her better than any thing else.

Wednesday. 25th. CFA Wednesday. 25th. CFA
Wednesday. 25th.

Arose very early this morning and went into a Cold Bath at Craigie’s Bridge. The water was pleasant and I felt myself much benefitted by it. The morning was warmer than any we have had. I was at the Office a part of the time and went to see Abby at Mrs. Frothingham’s. Also in the afternoon but the weather had changed and it was absolutely cold. My spirits very low and they were not increased by our Meeting. Misunderstanding seems to be the order of the day with us and I parted from her to return to my room and pass a very lonely and a very unhappy evening. My spirits are in a fair way of breaking.

Thursday. 26th. CFA Thursday. 26th. CFA
Thursday. 26th.

It was cold and I had no object to rise early. Morning at the Office 251where I accomplished a great deal of Kent. Did not go to see Abby and she went out of town. Thought much upon the subject without any profitable result. Afternoon, some Executive Record, and a Walk. Evening, commenced Cicero’s Oration for Roscius of Ameria, with which I was much pleased, and read two of Mr. Clay’s Speeches.