Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday. 21st. CFA Monday. 21st. CFA
Monday. 21st.

Rode to Boston after passing a short time with Abby. Found myself in low spirits without knowing any particular cause. Found letters at the Office from my father and my mother which amused me much. 259Morning wasted in very unprofitable conversation. Afternoon, Executive Record, after which in consequence of the heat I decided upon a bath and went down to see the new one at the Free Bridge for the purpose. I found it would not answer for me and so went directly to Quincy and took a refreshing bath before tea at the wharf below Mr. D. Greenleaf’s. I wanted it exceedingly. Passed a short time in the Nursery and found the Catalpas making their appearance together with many new Oaks. Evening delightful.

Tuesday. 22nd. CFA Tuesday. 22nd. CFA
Tuesday. 22nd.

Morning occupied in writing and reading a little of Miller’s Gardener’s Dictionary1 before going to Boston. At the Office, wrote my usual letter to father. In it, I made some inquiries as to his plans about his trees which I showed to George and he made it a pretext for insinuating things of me both unkind and entirely untrue.2 I was considerably offended. I am at times much inclined to contempt of his character and certainly felt it today but in consideration of his situation have heretofore checked it. Afternoon, Executive Record and review of the Oration for Roscius. Returned to Quincy in a violent rain and I did not escape wetting. Evening, reading Voltaire’s Peter the First and Miller.


JQA’s copy of Philip Miller’s Abridgement of the Gardener’s Dictionary, London, 1763, is in the Stone Library.


In an effort to make GWA correspond punctually, JQA had just written him: “Since my return here last October Charles has not missed writing me every week, even when he was so ill that he could scarcely hold a pen. I have been equally punctual with him. . . . Why cannot you be so too” (JQA to GWA, 10 July 1828, Adams Papers). Doubtless GWA felt both jealous of his brother and guilty.

Wednesday. 23rd. CFA Wednesday. 23rd. CFA
Wednesday. 23rd.

Fine morning. Occupied a short time before going to Boston in the Nursery. At the Office and the Court of Common Pleas attempting to gain a little insight into the course of practice. Went to Mrs. Frothingham’s to see Abby. She has come into town to remain until Friday and I find the inconvenience of living out of town but I decided upon returning to Quincy rather than pass a hot and unpleasant night at the Exchange Coffee House. Passed the afternoon at Mrs. Frothingham’s but did not find much gratification in it. Returned to Quincy in a train of reflection which could lead to melancholy naturally. Took a bath at the Creek with John Q.1 and Joseph H. Adams, sons of my Uncle, T. B. Adams. Pleasant evening.


John Quincy Adams (1815–1854). See Adams Genealogy.