Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

3 16. VIII. CFA 16. VIII. CFA
16. VIII.

Missed Prayers, distribution of parts, Cunningham, none for me,1 ride with Sheafe, Fresh Pond, early return, evening at home.


Anticipating that his idle course had “destroyed” any chance of being assigned a part in the commencement exercises, CFA had asked his father on 2 July for permission to leave Cambridge and come to Washington. Reluctantly JQA agreed that, in the circumstances, “it will be most comfortable for you, to be as far distant from Cambridge, on that [commencement] day as you can” (JQA to CFA, 17 July 1825, Adams Papers). President Kirkland granted the leave of absence without prejudicing CFA’s degree. See GWA, Diary, 23 Aug. 1825.

17. VIII.

Missed Prayers, Chapel, Dr. Kirkland, Dr. Ware, Farewell Sermons, ride with Richardson, to Boston, Supper, Exchange Coffee House, return late.

18. VII:45. CFA 18. VII:45. CFA
18. VII:45.

Missed Prayers, morning at home, ride with Sheafe, to Boston, George not there, dine at the Exchange Coffee House, return early, evening at home.

19. VIII:30. CFA 19. VIII:30. CFA
19. VIII:30.

Missed Prayers, separation from College, Oration, Brigham, Poem, Hedge, visit at Dr. Kirkland’s, to Boston with Sheafe, Rouillard’s, dinner, Lyceum Club, stupid, leave Sheafe.

20. VIII.

Cambridge, Richardson leaves, packing, Stage to Boston, letter from my Mother,1 George, back to Cambridge, thence to Quincy, family.


Trying to help CFA save face, LCA had written: “if you have no part assigned to you you must come on directly so as to be here . . . when Genl. La Fayette is to pay us a visit and I want you to assist me in doing the honours of the House” (LCA to CFA, 10 July 1825, Adams Papers).

21. VIII:30. CFA 21. VIII:30. CFA
21. VIII:30.

Quincy. At home all day, Memoirs of the Dutchess of Orleans,1 my Grandfather, his good health, evening quiet.


CFA’s copy of the Duchess of Orleans’ Secret Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV and the Regency, London, 1824, is in the Stone Library.