Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

68 19. VII:10. CFA 19. VII:10. CFA
19. VII:10.

Bath, Morning at home, Executive Record, Madame de Stael, Delphine, evening, Conversation, preparation.1


LCA had decided to journey to Lebanon Springs, N.Y., and, if possible, to join JQA in Quincy. CFA was to accompany her. See LCA to JQA, 20 July 1826, Adams Papers.

20. VII. CFA 20. VII. CFA
20. VII.

Bath, Morning at home, Executive record, Delphine, contemplated Journey, evening, walk.

21. VII:10. CFA 21. VII:10. CFA
21. VII:10.

Bath, Morning at home, Executive record, Delphine, family at Mr. Frye’s, a short walk.

Saturday 22d.<a xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" href="#DCA02d389n1" class="note" id="DCA02d389n1a">1</a> CFA Saturday 22d. CFA
Saturday 22d.1

Surprised by the sudden appearance of Thomas Hellen. He was just from Boston, and came to spend his vacation here.


From D/CFA/5. CFA spent the morning working on the Executive Record, reading the North American Review, and writing letters (D/CFA/1).

23. VII.<a xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" href="#DCA02d390n1" class="note" id="DCA02d390n1a">1</a> CFA 23. VII. CFA
23. VII.1

Bath, Morning at home, close Executive Record for the present, family, conversation with Thomas, Boston affairs.


From D/CFA/1.

24. VI. CFA 24. VI. CFA
24. VI.

Bath, Morning ride, family, prospects, change of intentions, evening, conversation, heat, Whiskey punch.

Tuesday 25th.<a xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" href="#DCA02d392n1" class="note" id="DCA02d392n1a">1</a> CFA Tuesday 25th. CFA
Tuesday 25th.1

The preceding short space of time spent so delightfully in quiet at home, was broken to day by starting with Madame on a journey. I went very unwillingly, she went against the advice of all her friends. Her motive was unaccountable.2 Madame, Elizabeth and myself with three Servants formed the party. The whole labor of taking care of them devolved upon me. We went as far as Rossburgh this evening.


From D/CFA/5.


LCA was following her husband’s instructions. On 14 July JQA asked her to join him at Quincy. Two days later he advised her not to come as yet because, although JA had left his Quincy house and land to JQA, the furniture and the rest of the estate had to be sold at auction, and the “domestic establishment” at Quincy would be temporarily disrupted. See JQA to LCA, 14 and 16 July 1826, Adams Papers.