Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

76 16. VII:15. CFA 16. VII:15. CFA
16. VII:15.

Lebanon. Morning at home, Granby, spirits very low, letter to John,1 ride, shower, stupid evening.



17. VII. CFA 17. VII. CFA
17. VII.

Lebanon. Morning at home, billiards, ride, my Mother unwell, evening quiet and stupid.

18. VI:50. CFA 18. VI:50. CFA
18. VI:50.

Lebanon. My birth day, nineteen, ride to Prospect Hill, Mr. Hill, return, dine, Champagne, arrival of the Otis family.

19. VII. CFA 19. VII. CFA
19. VII.

Lebanon. Morning at home, unwell, arrival of Company, bath, evening, Otis.

20. VII:20. CFA 20. VII:20. CFA
20. VII:20.

Lebanon. Morning, Church, Shaker village, singular ceremony, return, large company, Mr. van Beuren, ride.

21. VII:25. CFA 21. VII:25. CFA
21. VII:25.

Lebanon. Morning at home, Billiards, Otis, the Miss Thurstons,1 evening, a ball, very stupid.


Possibly the daughters of Buckner Thurston, associate justice of the Supreme Court (Columbia Hist. Soc., Records , 5 [1902]:297).

22. VI. CFA 22. VI. CFA
22. VI.

Lebanon. Morning, at home, ride to Hancock, Shaker village, William Gracie, afternoon, ride to Lebanon village, purchases, evening at home.

[23–27 August.] <a xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" href="#DCA02d417n1" class="note" id="DCA02d417n1a">1</a> CFA [23–27 August.] CFA
23–27 August. 1

We went to Hudson the first day,2 and there spent the night. The next day we rode to Poughkeepsie in a way which made me exceedingly regret I was not in proper order for the Journey. I believe, had I been well, I could have enjoyed the journey. But as it was, I was anxious for home.3 The next day we went down the river to New York, and arrived in the evening after a tedious, and disgusting pas-77sage in a Steamboat. I will not detail all the painful feelings which were excited by the contending wishes of my Mother and I. Suffice it to say that in about the time for starting South, Thomas Hellen seemed as if dropped from Heaven for my relief into the Bar room of the City Hotel. I left Madame &c. in his hands, I jumped on board the Steam Boat, thanking Heaven, that I had some prospect of relief.

On Sunday Morning I arrived in Philadelphia, sent for Hopkinson, and determined to spend four or five days with him under his care. This I did and grew better every day. I passed my time very much at home, with the exception of a ride for every day with Hopkinson to some neighboring place. My spirits began gradually to rise.


From D/CFA/5.


On the way home to Washington.


The compelling reason behind LCA’s decision to return to Washington was CFA’s health. She wrote her husband: “Charles is quite sick and his spirits in a state of depression that makes me quite uneasy” (LCA to JQA, 21 Aug. 1826, Adams Papers).