Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Sunday. 13th. CFA Sunday. 13th. CFA
Sunday. 13th.

Mild rain until twelve when it cleared off and by evening became cold. Attended divine service all day and heard Mr. Frothingham 260preach two very good Sermons. He has a finished and elegant style, and though it is a little too studied and laboured for general comprehension, yet I think it has much merit. I am more pleased as I know more of the man, for his social qualities are very creditable to him. Mr. Brooks goes on much as usual, his spirits a little revived perhaps. I find myself able to do little or nothing on Sundays, and must bend my mind down to be satisfied with the waste of time. Tried to read two or three Essays of Vicesimus Knox but with very little success.1 Evening a short walk with Mr. Brooks and Mr. Frothingham along the Canal and returned to talk away the evening.


The essays of Vicesimus Knox (1752–1821) were collected as Essays, Moral and Literary, 3 vols., and under the title Winter Evenings, 3 vols. Both collections went through numerous editions.

Monday. 14th. CFA Monday. 14th. CFA
Monday. 14th.

Morning at Medford with the weather mild and pleasant. As soon after breakfast as possible we started to return to Boston and I was very busy after that in making my preparations to go to Quincy. This is an experiment, how to turn out remains yet to be seen. At the Office where I had little time to do any thing as I felt obliged to go out of town early. Received the Dividend of the New England Insurance Company for my father. This makes fifteen per cent they have paid within a year, and is very beneficial to my accounts. A man by name J. Q. Adams called to see me, said he was a Printer and came to beg the favour of being employed by my father in his contemplated life of my Grandfather. I told him that it not being written yet, there was quite plenty of time to think of printing it.

At a little before one I went for my Wife and we rode to Quincy to reach their dinner hour. Found my Mother better but still quite sick. My father full of care and much depressed. The family altogether in such a condition that I felt more like an outcast than at home. I do not think I shall manage a very long period.1 My mother is sick, Mary discontented and my father depressed, and my wife ennuyè while I waste all my time. After copying a letter for my father,2 I walked to the Judge’s where I passed an hour. There was, as there always is, Company there.


CFA and ABA came out for a “visit to us for some days” (JQA, Diary, 14 June).


JQA to Messrs. Thomas & John Baring and Joshua Bates, 14 June (LbC, Adams Papers). The letter placed in the hands of the recipients the collection of the claims of the Thomas and Ward N. Boylston estates against Petty Vaughan and William Vaughan.