Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Sunday. 29th. CFA Sunday. 29th. CFA
Sunday. 29th.

Morning clear and pleasant. My Mother is again down with the Erisypelas and confined to her room.

We attended divine service and heard Mr. Hedge preach both morning and afternoon. His morning discourse was upon the existence of right and wrong and the limit to which the confusion between them is justifiable. The afternoon’s was the same with that which I heard 311him deliver at Medford some time since upon eagerness for unnatural excitement, and was exceedingly well. He is one of the few among my Class for whose character and attainments I have some respect. Rarely has it fallen to man’s lot to be associated with so ordinary a mass. I could not help being struck with it on Commencement day.1 The larger part of the afternoon was occupied in continuing my Catalogue with as much rapidity as I could. But it drags nevertheless. Evening a short visit from Mr. and Mrs. Danl. Greenleaf.


That is, at the Commencement just past.

Monday. 30th. CFA Monday. 30th. CFA
Monday. 30th.

Morning cloudy and threatening rain. I went to town nevertheless and was busy all the morning. I let the House which Mr. Hollis has at last vacated, directly—a circumstance which proves to me how much this Estate has been suffering from the preceding practice.1 I hope to mend it altogether. Sidney Brooks called to make a short visit. He looks well and seems to be pretty well. I gave in my Bond as Administrator of New’s Estate, which was accepted and then drew the Advertisement for the sale of his Equities which will wind up the business.2 There is nothing else to receive or to sell.

Returned to Quincy to dinner and worked all the Afternoon at my Catalogue. But it did not show much progress. Saw my Mother in the Evening who appeared to be much better. Conversed with her a little about Thos. Hellen, who is it seems better than I thought he was. Continued my Catalogue after the family withdrew though it is awkward working.


Tenement No. 2 at 101 Tremont Street was rented at $10.70 a month as of 1 Sept. to Henry Beals (M/CFA/3, P. 36).


The advertisement announced an administrator’s sale at public auction on the premises at noon on 6 Oct. of Robert New’s equity in two parcels of land, one on Cambridge Street containing a wooden dwelling house and store, the second on Lynde Street (Boston Daily Advertiser, 31 Aug., p. 3, col. 6).

Tuesday 31st. CFA Tuesday 31st. CFA
Tuesday 31st.

Morning pleasant. Abby accompanied me to town to see her Sister Mrs. Sidney Brooks who is now there. I left her at Mrs. Dehon’s and went to the Office. Several persons called to see me, one concerning the empty house in Common Street, one as to the punctuality of Miss Longhurst as a Tenant, one upon Mr. New’s Affairs, and my Carpenter, Mr. J. Y. Champney. Mr. Pratt is an Agent for the Railway Quarry and came about my Job of Stone Work. I explained to him what I 312wanted done and he left me promising to bring a plan and estimates. Called to see Mr. Brooks who was disappointed not to find us ready to go to Medford. My time in this manner vanished rapidly enough. Returned to Quincy and passed the afternoon in working upon my Catalogue. Mr. Beale came in and passed an hour of the Evening. My time seems like nothing, it goes so fast.