Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

334 Wednesday. 6th. CFA Wednesday. 6th. CFA
Wednesday. 6th.

Morning pleasant as usual. Went down to the Office and prepared my statement and other papers for the sale of New’s Estate. Wrote my Journal and read a little of Minot’s continuation to Hutchinson which I do not much fancy.1 It is written with an ambitious and yet a diffuse style approaching to weakness. Busy also with my Accounts which progress slowly.

At twelve o’clock I went down and attended the sale of New’s property. The Cambridge Street Equity of Redemption sold for three hundred and seventy five dollars. That in Lynde Street for one hundred and five.2 The attendance was respectable and the building3 pretty smart. I am inclined to think both sales were fair for each side, and certainly imagine neither was a great bargain. I have so little fondness for real Estate, that I should feel no ambition to assume either of these purchases.

Called upon Genl. Van Rensselaer and his Son. It was grand Muster day and every thing in confusion.4 Spent the Afternoon in reading Cicero as usual and the evening in my usual way, with my Wife, first reading Corinne, then Mason, and afterwards Tooke.


George Richards Minot, Continuation of the History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the year 1748 ... to 1765, 2 vols., Boston, 1798–1803. In the second volume of the set at MQA, CFA has copied in his hand from JA’s copy (now in MB) the marginal notes which JA had written. Each of the notes that is JA’s is so indicated. In a note about the marginalia and about Minot’s narrative of pre-Revolutionary events, CFA observed that JA’s “account of the same scenes may be found in his letters to W. Tudor published as an appendix to the edition of Novanglus ... of 1819.” On the publication of the letters, see below, entry for 24 Dec. and note; on Novanglus and Massachusettensis, see JA, Diary and Autobiography , 2:161 , and the series of Novanglus letters in Papers of John Adams, vol. 2, beginning with Novanglus to the Inhabitants of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, 23 Jan. 1775..


See above, entry for 30 Aug., note.


Thus in MS, doubtless for “bidding.”


At noon three regiments, seven independent companies, a battalion of artillery, a corps of cavalry, and the Sea Fencibles passed in review before Gen. Capen on the Common. A sham fight followed in the afternoon (Boston Patriot, 7 Oct., p. 2, col. 2).

Thursday. 7th. CFA Thursday. 7th. CFA
Thursday. 7th.

Morning cool. Arose quite early and started immediately after breakfast for Weston according to an engagement made yesterday. The weather was cool and I enjoyed my ride far more than I did on a similar occasion last year. Called at his house for my friend Richardson and found much pleasure from his Company. We reached Weston before ten and proceeded to look at the Farm which does not amount to much, and after meeting with Col. Jones the Auctioneer, we went into the Woods and looked at the tract we propose to part with. When 335I once get into this, I know very little where I am, so that I am compelled to trust very much to the representations of the Tenants on the place and Jones himself. Picked up a large quantity of White Oak Acorns for my Father, they are fresh and to all appearance of very good quality. We finished soon and I was enabled to start so as to be able to reach home by my regular dinner time. Afternoon passed in my usual avocations, Cicero, the first book, de Inventione, I finished, and began again. One examination of a book in a foreign language answers very little purpose. Evening at home. French as usual. Mason and Horn Tooke.