Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

414 February. 1831. Tuesday. 1st. CFA February. 1831. Tuesday. 1st. CFA
February. 1831. Tuesday. 1st.

The morning opened with another Snow Storm which bid fair to add considerably to the mass that was already upon the ground. It stopped however after heaping up about nine inches. I went to the Office as usual and occupied myself in writing and reading Enfield in whose work I made some progress owing to my quiet. But the History of Philosophy among the Jews and Saracens is of comparatively small interest to me. They had few very great men and my previous notions of them have not been heightened by reading this Account. Mr. Degrand called in for a moment to ask a question or two relative to the state of the Corporation Stock of the City of Washington. I gave him what information I had which was not much, nor very flattering.

Returned home and after dinner tried to sit upstairs but was driven out from the quantity of smoke. I reviewed however the Oration for the Comedian Roscius. Much of it is evidence exploded in our day from Courts of Law. Hearsay, Probability which are lean supports for eloquence. Yet the ingenuity of the argument is wonderful. The Oration is also remarkable for containing the account of the prices paid to Roscius for Acting, which are enormous, and prove to what a state of luxury the Romans had arrived. Evening wasted, excepting progress in the Latin Grammar and two Numbers of the Tatler.

Wednesday. 2d. CFA Wednesday. 2d. CFA
Wednesday. 2d.

Morning very mild, the snow melting pretty rapidly. I went to the Office as usual and was met in the first place by my punctual Tenant, in Court Street1 with his Rent which was due yesterday. This is what I call good. I wish every body else was equally punctual. But Mr. Spear still hangs back. I sat down to read but did not accomplish much this morning. I will say however that I was agreeably disappointed this morning by the receipt of a letter from the publishers of the North American Review with a Check for $21, being in payment of my Article. This quite relieved me from feeling the effect of the failure in Dividend of the Middlesex Canal and came exactly at the right time. I ought to be thankful even for such little marks of fortune, and not repine when any thing looks badly.

Took a walk and went to the Athenaeum. Streets very wet. Afternoon, occupied in reading the Oration against Caecilius commonly called Divinatio being the first upon the business of the Praetor Verres. It is short and in some places rather difficult on account of 415the allusions to peculiar habits among the Romans. Evening. Read to my Wife and afterwards continued with the Port Royal Latin Grammar and the Tatler.


That is, William Tenney (M/CFA/3).