Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

364 Monday. 17th. CFA Monday. 17th. CFA
Monday. 17th.

Fine morning. I went to town. Engaged in a few Commissions, and among the rest called at the Athenaeum. Obtained there Mr. Vigne’s, a young English lawyer’s, six months tour in the United States,1 and read it almost through in the morning. But one visitor, Henry Brooks, whom I have not seen before since his return from Europe. He is a good deal altered in appearance and manners, looks older and more settled if I may so call it. He staid but a few minutes.

Returned to dinner. Afternoon engaged in copying a Letter or two of the Arrears which have been occasioned by waiting for a new book.2 This broke up so much of the time that I devoted the rest to pasting in Papers in his JQA’s books. Short evening. Read Dr. Granville.


Godfrey T. Vigne (of Lincoln’s Inn), Six Months in America, 2 vols., London, 1832.


That is, a new letterbook for JQA (now numbered Lb/JQA/27, containing copies of JQA’s letters from 12 Sept. 1832 to 12 March 1834, Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 151). Following a long letter dated 12 Sept. in ABA’s hand are four letters dated 14–17 Sept. in CFA’s hand. For the remainder of their stay at the Old House ABA and CFA between them performed the duty of amanuensis for JQA.

Tuesday. 18th. CFA Tuesday. 18th. CFA
Tuesday. 18th.

Lovely day. We seem at the termination of the Season and yet we have at no time had a pleasanter specimen than today. I remained at Quincy but did not do much in the way of study. My early morning was consumed in copying for my father, and the latter part of it in putting labels into the books. This business is endless. A whole morning’s work seems like nothing when compared with what remains to do. Besides it is a shabby account to give of a man’s time, if he claims any intellect at all, to say that he has been doing the work of a paper hanger.

Henry Brooks and Miss Julia Gorham came out here to dine, and we had quite a pleasant time. The afternoon passed.

Evening. My father, mother, Wife and I went into town to hear the Germans sing. After a tour through Canada since the 9th of June they were tempted by their good success to come again and get another harvest from Boston. The Room was full, music good, and we returned safe in good season.1


See above, entry for 9 June. JQA pronounced the concert of the Herrmanns “pleasant and pretty, but the fashionable music has changed since I frequented Concerts and Operas — Rossini and Von Weber have taken the place of Paësiello and Cimarosa. They performed this Evening one Piece of Haydn and one of Mozart. The rest were all of new Composers. The House was well filled. Of my acquaintance very few. Another generation” (Diary, 18 Sept.).