Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 31st. CFA Monday. 31st. CFA
Monday. 31st.

Morning damp and warm. I went to the Office. Received a pleasant Letter from my Father upon passing events. He does not seem much disturbed by the indications that are manifested in Carolina, but he dislikes very much those at Washington.1 Heaven only knows what the result may be. I was occupied in drawing up my Accounts. Finished my Quarterly Statement and forwarded it together with a short letter,2 which occupied me all the Afternoon to finish and copy. As punctuality 433is a thing I always feel much disposed to rest upon, it gives me pleasure when the whole of it is well over. Took my usual walk.

My Wife went, and I accompanied her, to take tea and spend the evening at her sister, Mrs. Gorham Brooks’. They live for the Winter at the Tremont House. Gorham Brooks is a humorist, but when he chooses, he can be quite agreeable, and on this evening, he could talk and make the evening pass almost imperceptibly. I never feel as if I could discuss subjects with much freedom, nor even touch upon others. But there are enough in common to be able to make an Evening. His Wife is a charming Woman. Her great simplicity of manner united with a good deal of vivacity make her very fascinating to people in general. Returned home, and Dipped without much satisfaction into Shakespear’s Comedy of Errors.

A strange thing to fall upon at the close of a Year.

I hope my life during the past twelve months has born no relation to Error. The Review of it is not an unpleasant thing to me. I have prospered in worldly affairs. I and mine have been most mercifully saved when others have suffered. A disease has passed over the land in the course of it and we have not fallen. My days have been pleasant and peaceful. And if I have not occupied them quite so fully as I ought, yet I have not been wholly idle. May the Lord who has showered blessings so bountifully upon me and those whom I love, continue his favours and at the same time make us worthy to receive them.


JQA to CFA, 25 Dec. (Adams Papers). For other matters adverted to in the letter, see above, 14 Dec., note, and 17 Dec., note notes to the entries for 14 and 17 December .


To JQA; LbC in Adams Papers.