Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 13th. CFA Wednesday. 13th. CFA
Wednesday. 13th.

The weather very fine today, although growing quite cool. The returns still come in very unfavourably to the National Republicans. The running is quite close between the three Candidates and manifests the indisposition of the People to sustain this wreck of a party any longer. There must be new divisions. But the prospects of the Nation are not good. God only knows what may become of us. I am half disgusted with the Republican principle, although if we analyze truly such feelings we shall find too often that they grow out of dissatisfied personal consequence. The Government is yet dispensing it’s blessings [fol. 212] [fol. 212] [fol. 212] [fol. 212] 213and though the worm of corruption is making it’s way in the interior, it yet looks fair on the outside.

I spent an hour or two with Mr. T. Davis in conversation and took a long walk. My health troubles me. After dinner, I read Virgil but was not so much occupied as I ought to have been. Evening, the Fair Maid of Perth, and Berenice. I wrote a letter to my father upon the political state.1


13 Nov. (Adams Papers). He reported the Antimasons sanguine that JQA would emerge successful; however, he opposed assent by JQA to election by a “legislative cabal,” more particularly in a legislature composed of a majority from the opposition party.

Thursday. 14th. CFA Thursday. 14th. CFA
Thursday. 14th.

I enjoyed the brightness of the day by taking a long walk. I went also to the Office and was occupied some time there in reading and my common avocations. Collected some Dividends and studied upon my Accounts. My pecuniary affairs have been uncommonly prosperous during the last year, which is among the many things I have to be grateful for.

Called at the Athenaeum and looked at the political papers. The other parties than the National Republican are quite in exultation, and the bitterness of this in defeat is exhaled in the most rancorous and malignant fury against my father.

Afternoon, I read Bacon’s Novum Organum and Virgil’s affecting story of Dido. I do not greatly admire his hero in this business. His coldheartedness is a vice past defence. Evening, the Fair Maid of Perth. I copied the letter to my father upon political matters and sent it.

Friday. 15th. CFA Friday. 15th. CFA
Friday. 15th.

The rain set in after sunset last evening and continued until morning when we had a fog so thick one could see but a yard off. I had fixed this time to go to Weston and arrange matters for a sale of the wood. I accordingly started at 1/2 after 8 o’clock and reached the Farm in two hours. It looked much as usual. I sent for Mr. Jones the Auctioneer, and we had a short conversation upon the time &ca., but as it was coming on to rain again I felt it necessary to hurry home. Accordingly, I started and reached Boston before three o’clock. The day had become clear, but heavy clouds again rose in the southwest and 214we had a clap or two of thunder with hail. Afternoon, Bacon. Evening, the Fair Maid of Perth and Racine’s play of Bajazet.