Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 17th. CFA Thursday. 17th. CFA
Thursday. 17th.

Morning to town with Mr. Brooks. The day was as warm as any we have had and it seemed to me as if I had not been so much called upon to be out for the whole season. I went to the House leaving my Key at home and trusting to Mrs. Fields’ being there. But I found her out and had to repeat the hot walk. The transfer of some stock &ca. consumed a vast deal of time and I was excessively heated. My father also 344came in and called at my Office. He was to attend a meeting of the Overseers1 and from thence go to Medford.

After a variety of occupations, I went for the Carriage, called at the State House and went in that manner to Medford barely escaping a thunder shower of some violence. There were at dinner today, Mr. and Mrs. Everett, Mr. McCracken a gentleman from New York, a friend of Henry Brooks, Edward and P. C. Brooks Jr. and Mr. Frothingham. It was tolerably and the company left us early. My father to spend the night here.


The Harvard Board of Overseers met at the State House (JQA, Diary).

Friday. 18th. CFA Friday. 18th. CFA
Friday. 18th.

A change in the Weather and much cooler. I went to town with my father in the Carriage. Time much occupied with commissions of various sorts. Called upon Col. Thayer of the Army with a Thermometer which my father was entrusted with at Washington. He has a small, pleasant house in Allen Street. My errand was to inquire if the fortifications in Boston Harbor were to be commenced immediately. He showed to me the official Letter which was pretty explicitly in the negative.1 Thus goes the Government. A fear of a deficiency in the Revenue prompts this course.

I then joined my Wife and Mrs. Frothingham in a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Lothrop—He being now installed as Minister of the Brattle Square Church.2 This done I was next busy in dispatching my father to Quincy after which I joined the party to dine at Mr. Frothingham’s. This consisted only of Mr. Brooks, Mr. McCracken, my wife and myself. Pleasant enough. Then home to Medford. In the evening there was company. Miss Osgoods, Mr. and Mrs. Stetson and Mr. Furness and son.


Col. Sylvanus Thayer, a native of Braintree, in 1833 had completed his long and distinguished term as superintendent of the Military Academy at West Point and begun his tenure as engineer in charge of fortifications at Boston Harbor entrance ( DAB ).


On Samuel Kirkland Lothrop and his wife, the former Mary Lyman Buckminster, see vol. 2:262 and above, entry for 10 April 1833, note.

Saturday. 19th. CFA Saturday. 19th. CFA
Saturday. 19th.

Morning cool and pleasant. I went to town with Mr. Brooks. Office where I passed my time very quietly. Nothing of any particular im-345portance. I was engaged in making up my Accounts. Conversation with Mr. Walsh &ca.

Returned to Medford. No news from Washington. The East wind made me exceedingly drowsy. I read some of the letters of Madame de Maintenon. Whately’s Rhetoric, the small fragment, “Medicamina faciei” of Ovid, and some of the Life of Alexander Hamilton by his son.1 A pretty miscellaneous collection and but little of each. Evening, Mr. Brooks, my Wife and self paying a visit or two. Mrs. Hall’s and Mrs. Gray’s. Return early.


CFA borrowed John Church Hamilton’s Memoirs of the Life of Alexander Hamilton, N.Y., 1834, from the Athenaeum.