Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 22nd. CFA Wednesday. 22nd. CFA
Wednesday. 22nd.

Morning clouds but on the whole a very delightful day. I went to Boston. Time engrossed by Accounts of various Kinds and Commis-93sions. Drew up the Acct. of T. B. Adams for the last six months. Called upon Mrs. Frothingham on account of my Wife and was overtaken by a Coachmaker who saw me on Monday. He took me to see the Carriages of Mr. Welsh and Mr. I. Thorndike both of which are his. I liked them partially. They are built far too ornamentally for my taste. In this Country simplicity and richness are the only things persons of the better class of beings in worldly situation, can resort to. I gave him my ideas upon what my Mother wanted and told him to come out to Quincy this Afternoon and see what he would allow for the old Carriage. Thus went my whole morning.

After dinner, I made the final bargain with him, agreeing to allow him five hundred dollars Cash and exchange Carriage with harness. He goes on directly to make it.

Worked in the Garden for some time, and then finished a Letter to T. B. Adams to accompany his Account.1 Consulted my father upon the propriety of finishing my Numbers, which are now published as far as they go. He speaks well of them and encouraged me in regard to their character, although he did not decidedly advise continuing just now. I think at present I shall give them up. Evening quiet at home.


To Lt. T. B. Adams Jr. (LbC, Adams Papers).

Thursday. 23rd. CFA Thursday. 23rd. CFA
Thursday. 23rd.

Mild but the weather very cloudy and a few drops of rain. I went to town accompanied by my Wife. We hesitated on the way about turning back but finally decided to go on. My time was pleasantly taken up. I first did business and then stopped in at a sale where I purchased for my Wife a Psyche glass1 once the property of Mrs. J. Russell who goes to Europe. Thence I went to the Exhibition of Pictures at the Athenaeum which has lately opened.2 A large number of old pictures, some of which seemed to me uncommonly good. My time passed rapidly in looking at them.

Dined at Mr. Frothingham’s. He brought out some of his Burgundy purchased of the same lot with mine. It has turned. I am mortified and sorry for mine. This Wine is dangerous. At four we started for home and arrived in good season having had a pleasant day. Worked a little in the Garden. Evening fatigued. Retired early.


A full-length mirror swinging in a frame; a cheval-glass ( Webster, 2d edn.).


The Gallery of the Athenaeum, forerunner of the Museum of Fine Arts, housed the nucleus of a permanent collection and since 1827 had held periodic exhibitions (vol. 3:xv, 235). The current exhibition opened on 15 May (Columbian Centinel, p. 2, col. 7).