Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Saturday. 23d. CFA Saturday. 23d. CFA
Saturday. 23d.

Morning cold but clear. I tried to commit about forty lines of Pope this morning but failed to do it perfectly. The Newspaper of the morning contains a call signed by several hundred persons for a meeting on Thursday in favour of Mr. Webster. The popular feeling here is decidedly in his favour and will sacrifice any opponent. Yet I have under-144taken to put myself into the breach. I trust in a higher power and do my duty.

On returning home from my walk with Louisa I found Mr. Davis1 who came to inquire the name of the Artist who painted the picture of my father. Office where I was occupied in Diary and Accounts. Mr. Dudley called and took his Lease to execute. Called at a wine auction, walk and home. Read a hundred lines of the second Satire of Juvenal. Mr. Frothingham dined with me and we had a pleasant conversation. Afternoon Duclos. Nothing material. The Newspapers announce the departure from Washington of my father, which is strange, from my getting no notice of any kind.2


That is, I. P. Davis, not Charles Augustus Davis as is conjectured in Oliver, Portraits of JQA and His Wife , p. 170; see note to entry of 20 May, above.


JQA had left Washington on the 18th to spend a week in Philadelphia upon the invitation of his old friends Joseph Hopkinson and Nicholas Biddle. LCA was to join him at the end of that time for the trip to Quincy (JQA to LCA, 20 May, Adams Papers).

Sunday. 24th. CFA Sunday. 24th. CFA
Sunday. 24th.

Mild agreeable day. I passed my morning in committing Pope. I find what I did not expect that my retention of what is once gained is far better than the power of acquisition.

Attended divine Service all day. Mr. Frothingham from 1. John 38. “Where dwellest thou” and 2. Philippians 12. “Work out your own salvation.” In the latter, which I think I have heard before, he expresses some sentiments respecting salvation and it’s consequent opposite condemnation which I do not readily assent to. The nature of future punishment is unknown to us excepting through the Bible which defines pretty distinctly. If we do not believe that, we surely are not called upon to suggest a substitute.

My usual walk which proved longer and more fatiguing than I could have wished. I must give it up for the Summer. Read a discourse of Dr. Barrow 22 Matthew 39. “And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” A very good discourse full of judicious reasoning. This is the second law and contains charity and benevolence. Perhaps the most difficult to execute of all particularly in the extent explained by the Preacher and the one it undoubtedly embraces.

My spirits were a little shaken all day. My anxiety on my Wife’s account is very great. The crisis hangs off. Evening. Conversation. Read a Psalm and felt brighter.