Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 31st. CFA Sunday. 31st. CFA
Sunday. 31st.

A fine day but with a cool Easterly wind. I went out with Louisa as usual after which read instead of in the afternoon, Barrow’s second Sermon on the Love of our Neighbour. Text the same. He fills up his outline and particularly the part relating to the difficulty of the injunction in it’s extent. This discourse is distinguished by practical piety and good sense, but no extraordinary views.

Attended divine service all day and heard Mr. Greenwood in the morning from Isaiah 1. 3. “My people will not consider.” The evils of life many of them the result of thoughtlessness—Prejudice, slander, extravagance are the results which vastly multiply the sufferings of mankind. A very good sermon and one addressed to good purpose, for that parish contains more of the one-sided men he spoke of than any in Boston.1 Mr. Frothingham in the Afternoon from Psalms. 3. 5. “I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.” Upon sleep. I was restless and nervous and the discourse appeared to me both long and pointless. My notice was attracted to the number of those who were adopting the Text most evidently. Out at last, I hurried to get away.


Called for Mrs. Kirk who detained me. She is very feeble and I take her to mend her health. She gave me some outline of their life this winter which goes beyond even my expectation. He is a good for nothing blockhead and it is time to rescue her from his claws. She barely got through the ride without fainting.

Found the family more settled. Conversation, but it was so late, I was obliged to hurry home, and did not arrive until late. The baby grows restless and fatigues my Wife. But she keeps well over this critical day.


The reference is doubtless to the parish served by the First Church, Chauncy Place, in which Greenwood was preaching, rather than to that of King’s Chapel, of which he was the minister.