Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 10th. CFA Friday. 10th. CFA
Friday. 10th.

I cannot get Mr. Hallett to publish more than once a week from which I conclude that they cannot afford to put in oftener articles of 175such length. I must submit to it and trust to a subsequent publication on my own Account in full. The silence is the worst thing for me that could be conceived. If No. 4 does not break it up then my case is gone and my labour in vain.

To the Office. Day cloudy and cold. Busy at the Office in bringing up my Diary which my sort of life every now and then puts in arrears. After I get through my present labours in the political essay line, I have plenty of other work cut out for me which will take time, but it will not be of such an engrossing nature as to prevent my attending with punctuality to this record. Tried hard to see Mr. Hallett, but without success. Not being able to finish my business in the morning I went out after dinner.

Called upon A. H. Everett to ask him to go with me to Quincy, to dine tomorrow. Met his brother Edward there. He left in a moment and I then talked with him upon the incident at Worcester together with a comment upon it in Hallett’s paper of this morning. He seems to have thought little of it.1 It is a good thing to be so guarded in the impenetrable mail of self assurance as not to take easily the blows which malice aims.2 He read to me his first number although I did not express any wish to hear it. There was nothing however which was not well enough. Home. Evening quiet. Continued working upon No. 6.


See entry of 7 July, above.


Thus in MS. The negative seems clearly intrusive.

Saturday. 11th. CFA Saturday. 11th. CFA
Saturday. 11th.

Morning clear and pleasant. I went down to see Sharp about my piece of furniture but still could not make it out. We worked away upon the plan for an hour or more and yet did not come to any clear determination. I left him and his workman to mature it by Monday when I am to call and finish. But my time was much shortened by the unexpected delay.

I had barely leisure enough to go round to several places on commissions previously to the time appointed to go to Quincy. Mr. Everett joined me at my house and we started for Quincy so as to arrive there before one o’clock. The Supervisors of the Adams Temple and School Fund met and went through with the transaction of their usual business. Some debate upon one point of the Lease respecting the expiration of the Lease and the contract to renew it on the same terms. Final motion to amend, succeeded, and voted to be recorded which will be my work. Afterwards, Company to dinner. Mr. D. Greenleaf, E. P. 176Greenleaf, Mr. Whitney, Mr. Lunt, Dr. Woodward. My father’s birthday and was remembered at table.

We left dinner and returned to town shortly after sunset. Home where I worked upon No. 6 until I nearly completed it. The great labour is over. I have now only the work of copying. But I must make my last number stirring.