Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 19th. CFA Sunday. 19th. CFA
Sunday. 19th.

Cool and pleasant day. I was engaged in the morning upon my coins until service time. Heard Mr. Frothingham from 2 Esdras 1. 27. “Ye have not as it were forsake me but your own selves, saith the Lord.” The necessity of self control, of governing the passions, but I was drowsy and did not listen well. Afternoon Mr. Emerson from the 139 Psalm 14. “I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” A curious Essay upon the creation of man, to physically, but intellectually, drawn up with great ingenuity and considerable force. The point mainly to draw away the minds of the active classes from the pursuit of wealth as the end of all things and fix them upon 181the cultivation of reason. Alas! Alas! the world is six thousand years old and reason has been made an idol only to be trampled into the mud of gold and silver.

I went home and read a Sermon of Barrow upon the passion of Christ. Philippians 2. 8. “And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” There was a good deal concerning the doctrine of the Atonement which I cannot say I was perfectly master of. I am somewhat given to imitating Coleridge in his plan upon the obscurities of Plato. I decline to judge of things beyond my comprehension. The remainder of the Discourse devoted to considering the causes for so ignominious a sacrifice was very good and the close powerful.

Evening quiet at home. I worked upon No. 8 hewing out the rough block. As this is my last piece of labour, the Bridgewater paper having declined giving battle, I mean to try and polish it finely. It is a little remarkable how much superior is the typography of “We the People.”

Monday. 20th. CFA Monday. 20th. CFA
Monday. 20th.

Morning pleasant but quiet warm. I went to the Office after calling upon and seeing Mr. James Sharpe about my piece of Furniture which I finally decided upon having made according to the original form, expense to the contrary notwithstanding.

Time taken up in writing Diary and Accounts. I closed the Account Current of T. B. Adams which has been running now for three Quarters of a year. Finding it difficult to purchase so small a quantity of Stock in the State Bank as his balance comes to at any moderate price, I concluded to transfer one of my shares at the rate a lot sold for at Auction on Saturday, for it is not safe to send him a statement of a balance in Cash.1

Went to Quincy at noon and found the family quiet and happy as usual. My little girl was well and appeared delighted to see me. She had been well contended but there was a sort of subdued manner about her that made me feel as if she missed her friends. Conversation with my father upon political and other matters. Nothing very particular. I dined and passed the day with very little variation excepting reading some of the letters of Madame du Deffand. I am amused with these and take far more interest in them than I ever could be made to take in Madame de Sevigné. Retired early.


CFA to Lt. Thomas B. Adams, 20 July (LbC, Adams Papers).