Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Saturday. 1st August. CFA Saturday. 1st August. CFA
Saturday. 1st August.

Warm. I passed an hour at home upon my collection and then to the Office. My time was so taken up in certain commissions of all sorts prior to my going to Quincy that I could not do even my ordinary work. Mr. Quincy Tufts called upon me for the purpose of consulting 189upon one piece of land which was forgotten in the distribution of Norton Quincy’s Estate.1 I promised to see about it. This was the day fixed for going to Quincy to spend some weeks. My wife started accordingly, shortly after twelve o’clock. And after going through a great many little details necessary previous to departure, I went myself. Arrived shortly after two. Family as usual. We leave the boy in town although I much dislike the fancy. Afternoon, read a little of Thiers and of Madame du Deffand. Conversation. The day was cooler as it grew later and we had a shower of rain. Evening quiet.


On Norton Quincy and the distribution of his Mount Wollaston estate, see vol. 1:151; JA, Diary and Autobiography , 1:x, 141–142; and Adams Genealogy.

Sunday. 2d. CFA Sunday. 2d. CFA
Sunday. 2d.

Morning clear but quite cool. We had a shower in the course of the day. I passed an hour or two in reading and then attended divine service. Heard Mr. Lunt. Morning a Communion Sermon. 1. John 5. 8. “And there are three that bear witness in earth, the spirit and the water and the blood, and these three agree in one.” Out of these words the preacher thought he saw allusions to the Miracles, the spotless life and the death of the Saviour. Rather far fetched. Yet the sense is mystical beyond the possibility of ordinary comprehension.

Afternoon Proverbs 22. 6. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” A glorification of Sunday Schools, the value of which is somewhat questioned by the coolest heads. Mr. Frothingham has observed his closely and finds they make little progress. In the country I suspect they would prove more beneficial.

Read a Discourse of Dr. Barrow. 1. Cornthians 4. 16. “I beseech you, be followers of me.” Of the imitation of Christ, the proposing him an example for human conduct by which a higher standard may be obtained. At home in the evening. Quite cool, so that we sat in the House.

Monday. 3d. CFA Monday. 3d. CFA
Monday. 3d.

Cool morning. My father went to town with me. At the Office and House and such a variety of places that I had little or no time to spare. This mode of living in the Country makes time fly fast enough. After calling at the Advocate Office and a variety of other places I got back to my Office just in time to get through my Diary before my father was ready to return. He came to attend a Meeting of the Committee of 190Alumni, none of whom attended, so that his labour was in vain. Out to dinner.

Afternoon, I drew off the sketch I had made for a new Article in the Advocate. The only way is to follow up the thing and make an impression, to hammer into the public mind something which will break down the Whig party, that thing of shreds and patches which is more tyrannical where it has exclusive sway than any party that ever existed in this Government. I have now the right end of the Whip and mean to apply the lash. I have no favour to ask of any body and can do it if I develope the force God has given me. Evening, Madame Deffand who grows more and more amusing. Conversation. We had some rain.