Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

315 Saturday. 23d. CFA Saturday. 23d. CFA
Saturday. 23d.

Morning pleasant. I went to the Office as usual. Time occupied in writing and Accounts. Mr. Hurlbert called in about the building which he wishes to hire but we were interrupted by the two Dudleys from Quincy who came to bring me a return of Stone drawn from the Quarry he occupies, then Mr. Walsh to talk about a French war. The alarm now is very great, every body is anxious to get rid of the hazards which accompany a maritime war. I think as usual the alarm is exaggerated and I do not admire the reasoning which is used against the Government to get rid of it.

Walk, home. Livy, which I continued in the afternoon. Finished a second sketch of the last letter to Mr. Slade by which I hope to bid good bye to that business. The result in Vermont appears to be declaring itself very plainly. Mr. Slade is defeated.

Evening my Wife and I had agreed to go down to see Elizabeth C. Adams at Mrs. Miller’s but just as she was getting ready, her father came for her to go over to Charlestown. I thought I would go nevertheless and make excuses. Mrs. Miller is absent. A Miss Mansfield and her father there. Home at ten.

Sunday. 24th. CFA Sunday. 24th. CFA
Sunday. 24th.

Cold but a very fine day. Spent an hour in looking over the Memoirs of the Princess de Lamballe, that ill fated woman who perished so horribly in the massacre of the French Revolution.1 This subject hardly ever tires, but I have seen most of these stories already in some other shape.

Attended divine service all day and heard Mr. Putnam of Roxbury. Luke. 11. 34–5–6. “The light of the body is the eye, therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body is full of light &ca.” A healthy state of mind which through the influence of religion regards even the evils of this world as benefits and designed for the exercise of virtues which fit us for the next. 12 Romans 11. “Not slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.” The occupations of man lead him very properly to feel an intense interest in his worldly affairs, but the excess is to be regulated by the check of religious feeling. This is one of the best topics for a money getting, money loving community like our’s. They have perpetual need of some weekly voice which shall say to them, “hoard not too much” and yet how many there are under my eye who will not heed the voice of that charmer charm he never 316so wisely. Hence the holy horrors of war which put a stop to the profits of trade.

Home, read a discourse of Barrow, a continuation of the same subject of obedience to spiritual authority. Having defined the nature of obedience, he goes on to reply to what may be urged as hindrances to it in the nature of the punishment and extent of the compulsion with some general views at the close. These discourses are not of particular interest. Evening, I went out and called upon Mrs. Dexter with my Wife, but she not being at home we went to see Edward Brooks. His Wife was upstairs. Home at ten.


CFA had borrowed the Princesse de Lamballe’s Mémoires relatifs à la famille royale de France, pendant la Révolution, 2 vols., Paris, 1826, from the Athenaeum.