Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 5th. CFA Friday. 5th. CFA
Friday. 5th.

The thermometer has not varied much from zero for a week past. I went out this morning and occupied my time as usual at the Office. But my Diary still lags behind. Mr. Hurlbert called in and we finally 324came to terms so that hereafter I am to devolve the whole of this building upon his shoulders for a clear rent of one thousand per annum.

Called at the Advocate Office to see Mr. Hallett, found him there and conversed with him. He wishes me to write one more number in answer to Mr. Slade and to draw up what I think best for the Address to the people. I told him that I thought he had better take charge of a general plan and that I would select one or two topics upon which I thought I could make suggestions.

I afterwards got engaged in a discussion of Banking questions in consequence of an application to me of Harvey Field to lend my father’s and my name to an application to the Legislature for a Bank in Quincy.1 I declined on the general ground I have assumed. But it was plain immediately as it respects me that the position would be regarded in Quincy as aristocratic and overbearing. Such is the difference between who do things.2 I gave this to Mr. Hallett as an illustration of the difficulty of his position in practical execution. This brought on a general discussion between those at the time in the Office, and one chance person from Duxbury amused me very much by his excessive hostility to paper,3 which I approved although not on the mistaken ground he has assumed.

Home. Too late to read Livy. Afternoon, made up for it and then Madame de Stael. Evening, Madame Junot and afterwards writing.


The Quincy Stone Bank, now the Granite Trust Company, established in 1836, was the first bank of circulation and deposit established in Quincy (Edwards, Historic Quincy , 1954, p. 264). CFA did not become active in banking until 1853 when he was one of the organizers and first president of the Mount Wollaston Bank in Quincy.


Thus in MS. Perhaps to be paraphrased: Such are the differences that arise in the interpretation of acts from one’s attitude toward the doer.


Presumably, paper money.

Saturday. 6th. CFA Saturday. 6th. CFA
Saturday. 6th.

This week has been about as uniformly cold as any within my remembrance. The suffering from it must be considerable although I have personally suffered even less than usual from it. I went to the Office, occupied there in bringing up my Diary and in Accounts. Notified the Tenants of the change contemplated in this building, delivered the remainder of the Boylston Market Papers to the new Clerk and then went up to finish all the Stock entries, but met Mr. Rupp who told me that an accident had befallen our Chimney in No. 2 and he could make no fire.


Short walk and then home. Livy. Afternoon, I began a sketch of a number according to the wishes of Mr. Hallett but did not satisfy myself. Finished the Ten Years Exile which is left but a fragment. This is to be regretted as it is on every Account one of her most piquant works. Evening, Madame Junot and then continued my labour.