Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 29th. CFA Friday. 29th. CFA
Friday. 29th.

Little John’s case of measles is pronounced, and he is under considerable suffering with them although as yet the case is not, thank heaven a bad one. I went to the Office—My time very much thrown away in an arrangement of my books, which very much needed it, certainly. Mr. Everett as yet makes but little progress in his transmigration. I have a body of law in books and not in my head where it ought to be. Walk, but short owing to the bad weather. Called at Mr. Brooks’ and agreed to an investment with Mr. Stanwood, the same person with whom we on the former occasion transacted the other money.

Home, Livy. Afternoon, Sismondi and Fouqué. Nothing of any consequence. I read a Canto or two of Ariosto—A pleasant writer in that particular field which has so attracted all men. Chivalry seems to 379have been an institution for the pure benefit of poetical imaginations. Our days of utility drive away every thing like fancy.

Evening, I read to my Wife from the seventh volume of Madame Junot. We are rapidly drawing to the close of this long work. It has nevertheless afforded us a vast fund of amusement and has rarely proved in the least tiresome. Madame Junot no doubt colors her pictures but that is in her of no great consequence. Afterwards, Swift, Four last years of Queen Anne, one of his strongest and most biting satires.

Saturday. 30th. CFA Saturday. 30th. CFA
Saturday. 30th.

Morning cool but pleasant, I went to the Office. Very soon after Mr. W. Spear came in from Quincy and I was occupied in going through a settlement with him for the price of some ship timber bought of my father at Quincy. This transaction turns out very favorably. A large balance was due after paying off every charge which will be sufficient to pay the greater part of the charges incurred this year in building at Mount Wollaston.

My time much taken up so that I had no leisure for a walk and this was the less necessary as Mr. T. K. Davis proposed one for the afternoon. Mr. Forbes came in about the horses and consented to the reference, better late than never. This is a vexatious business.

Home late. Afternoon, walk with Davis to the Norfolk house to pay a visit to Mrs. A. H. Everett, we found her and her husband. Conversation for half an hour and then return. It was not until seven that I got home. My boy is much better. The Measles have been light. Evening, E. C. Adams came in and spend an hour—After which, Swift. Four years of Anne.