Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

117 Thursday. 20th. CFA Thursday. 20th. CFA
Thursday. 20th.

Morning cloudy and warm with a high wind which brought on heavy showers of rain at noon. I passed some time in superintending the taking up of some elm trees which I design to transplant to my new location of the fee1 of which my father this day presented me the Deed.2

It being too windy to set trees I returned to the study and had barely seated myself to occupation when Mr. Johnson came from the Railway with an application for the lease which I had promised to furnish to him. I was not prepared in consequence of doubts upon my mind as to the propriety of going on without a release of the right of the present Lessees, so I only showed him the papers I had drawn and asked his permission to ride with him to the Quarry where I should be able to see the men and decide at once from their course what my own would be. I went but could find none of the men, it being dinner time. I finally called at the house of Winkley, the principal and found him at home. He only said he would give his own consent but would not pledge the company, and as this would not do, I left the paper I had drawn for him to get a majority of signatures. Mr. Johnson was disappointed.

I came across the fields home and was caught in the showers. Read the remainder of Livy’s thirtieth book with the close of the second Punic War. Afternoon quite industriously assorting papers, many of which I disposed of.

In the evening, we had a Wedding at home. Catherine Goods, Mary’s Nursery maid was married to a brother of Carr, my father’s Tenant. My mother had them married by Mr. Lunt in form before the family and the groom’s friends, after which a supper was prepared for them. E. C. Adams was here and we had cards in the evening.


A heritable estate of land ( OED ).


The deed from JQA to CFA dated 19 Oct. 1836 is in the Adams Papers, Adams Office Files.

Friday 21st. CFA Friday 21st. CFA
Friday 21st.

A cold and clear morning. I went to town in the Carriage with the ladies, my wife, Mrs. John Adams and Elizabeth. I left the first at the House, where all the improvements have been made and prove really beneficial. Then to the office where I passed my time in Accounts and also occasionally performing commissions. Mr. Walsh came in and we 118had a talk upon politics which look at present about as we would have them. I saw A. H. Everett for a few moments and Mr. Brooks also, but the days grow shorter and shorter.

Returned in the Carriage with Mary sick. Afternoon out upon the hill where my men go on with excessive slowness. I must awaken them. Then to the Quarries. Colburn showed me two of the posts he has got out. They will do although not the very best in shape. He has also got nearly all the underpinning to the House which as it comes from the same piece of stone will probably be uniform.

Home. Evening, almost all the family having retired or being otherwise occupied I read Goguet, and passed an hour in assorting papers.