Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 23d. CFA Sunday. 23d. CFA
Sunday. 23d.

A very mild and pleasant day reminding us of June rather than October. I passed much time in assorting MS. papers, and am happy today to see so far as my grandmother’s letters are concerned, a termination. I think I shall be able to complete them before the day of my return to town which draws on apace.

Attended divine service all day and heard Mr. Lunt preach from 1. 119Thessalonians. 1. 5. “For our gospel came not unto you in word only but also in power.” A discourse upon the progress of the Christian Religion, quite sensible but not so interesting as many of those I have heard. The truth is that little of new can be said either upon the instruments or the means through which the Deity thought fit to communicate his will. Afternoon John 1. 46. “And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see.” I had not been able to secure my nap and therefore lost most of the discourse.

Read a Sermon of Dr. Barrow’s upon the same subject and text with those read the two last Sundays and treating most especially of the imperfection of the Jewish system, all which is no doubt true. Evening quiet at home. Conversation with my father who appears not well.

Monday 24th. CFA Monday 24th. CFA
Monday 24th.

A most delightful day as I ever felt at this season in this climate. I went to town and passed my time in performing a variety of Commissions and at the Office. My time there was taken up in drawing the Quarterly Account for my father which my occupations this year have extraordinarily delayed. The truth is that he lays these Accounts aside without reading them in such a manner that it seems hardly worth the time it takes to make them.

Mr. Everett was in for a minute or two and seemed to exult in the result of the Elections. He has so much at stake that I do not wonder at it but I see very little to rejoice in.

Returned home and after dinner went up the hill where I found the men working as I did not wish. This I stopped but as they complained that they had not the material I passed much of my time in looking over the Quarries of Hardwick and Colburn to select such material as was wanted. The night was lovely and as I crossed over the hill on my return, I thought I had never seen a more beautiful moonlight scene. Evening, conversation with my father.

Tuesday. 25th. CFA Tuesday. 25th. CFA
Tuesday. 25th.

The weather changed with great suddenness during the night and this morning it was blowing a gale from the North. I was out superintending the setting of trees almost all day but I found much inconvenience from a flying pain in my teeth which the cold increased. This will probably check the extent of my plantations this autumn.


My father took me out to show me his sowing four walnut trees at the corners of my lot. This might prove an inconvenience to me and a blemish in my general plan but who can resist so innocent a hobby in a father?

I finished the MS papers of my grandmother which is a great gratification as I shall not consider the Summer to have been entirely wasted. Evening at home. Talk with my father upon things in general.