Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 22d. CFA Tuesday. 22d. CFA
Tuesday. 22d.

Morning mild and pleasant but it afterwards clouded. I went to the Office and occupied myself mainly in writing. Mr. Walsh came in and talked. The political news continues remarkable. Mr. Van Buren ap-135pears likely to lose Georgia and Indiana. He is nevertheless in all probability elected. North Carolina has decided the question, but the success of his Administration is another and a totally different thing. I have made up my mind to do what I think right. At any rate, under such circumstances, I shall have my conscience clear.

Short walk and home. Livy. After dinner I attended the funeral of Mrs. Julia Robbins. I could not help remembering that the only time in which I was at this house was thirteen months before when this poor girl was married. The same scene, the same performers, but alas, what a different purpose. The world has passed on already and records only the departure of another mortal, but those who are in it look back as upon a dream on the purposes of her existence and submit with resignation to what they cannot understand. Dr. Palfrey made a long prayer in which he dwelt upon all the relations of the deceased in turn. There was much in the prayer that was good but simplicity of feeling was not it’s characteristic. We then followed the body to its final resting place and departed each to his home with minds impressed more or less by the lesson we had been taught.

My Wife was anxiously expecting me home to hear my Account of the closing ceremony on her most beloved friend. It is a little singular that my Wife should have been taken sick exactly at the same time and should have been prevented from witnessing any portion of the final scene. In this I view as I do in all things the action of a superior power which guides and guards us without our knowing how. I am religious because I am grateful. Evening at home. The Court Journal, and afterwards writing.

Wednesday. 23rd. CFA Wednesday. 23rd. CFA
Wednesday. 23rd.

Pleasant morning. I went to the Office and occupied myself in Diary which I have at last brought up and hope now to keep up.

Politics still a little in the wind. Mr. Van Buren carries North Carolina, but he appears to lose Georgia. His escape has been a narrow one. I could not help thinking that perhaps my course had saved him his election. When Mr. Hallett’s mind was balancing I acted upon it. He in his turn acted upon the Antimasonic party here, the party refused to go into a National Convention and thus chilled the action in Pennsylvania. Had a National Convention nominated Harrison, he would have carried Pennsylvania and that would have settled the question. Thus it is that great events spring from little causes. I do not at all repent of what I have done, but what I may do is a matter for serious consideration. Talked with Mr. A. H. Everett a little. Nothing further.


Home, Livy. Afternoon Grahame whose book pleases me more and more. Mr. T. K. Davis came to tea after which according to agreement I went to Charlestown with him to pay a visit to Governor and Mrs. Everett. We found them much as usual. It is not a house I take pleasure in at all, and when we rose to go, I was glad. But it is due to them to say that we were treated with great politeness. An hour of Grahame.