Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 16th. CFA Monday 16th. CFA
Monday 16th.

A fine day. This is the perfection of winter weather. I went to the Office. Received letters from Washington among the rest a return from Mary of the money I sent to her. Thus has this business been settled. It seems to have troubled her far more than it did me but she ought not to have ventured the remark.1

Collected the Dividend upon the Cocheco Co. Stock and was somewhat occupied with Accounts. Mr. Josiah Adams Jr. came in from Quincy with a view of getting some money and I could not help thinking how fortunate I was in being provided. I paid him a part on account and he spent an hour in desultory conversation.2 He is one of the men whom a partial amount of information has rendered unsettled in life. He kept me so long I was unable to walk as usual and returned immediately home. Livy.

The child appeared quite unwell today and caused us some anxiety from the effect it appeared to produce upon his head. Thus it is anxiety is one of the ingredients of a man’s existence. Afternoon, I read a little of Burnet and translated a little of Plutarch. But the afternoons vanish almost like smoke. Evening, read von Tietz and afterwards wrote upon Mr. Webster’s Speech, and replies to Washington.3


The letter from Mrs. JA2 has not been located. On the matter alluded to, see the entry for 3 Jan., above. CFA brought the matter to a conclusion with “a few lines of explanation and apology” in his reply to hers, mentioned below 167(LbC, Adams Papers).


In his letter to his mother mentioned below (Adams Papers), CFA wrote: “Mr. Josiah Adams Jr., came in today and descanted largely upon things in general ... but I gathered nothing new excepting that my well is chock full of water. Was there ever a well that caused so much speculation. The town of Quincy has ears for nothing else, they visit it, and peep through the boards that cover it, they talk of it in Brigham’s shop, the high “change of that metropolis.”


CFA to LCA, Adams Papers.

Tuesday. 17th. CFA Tuesday. 17th. CFA
Tuesday. 17th.

Fine, clear and mild day. I went to the Office but could do very little as I had visitors nearly all day. First, Mr. Walsh, then A. H. Everett, R. Freeman, Mr. N. Curtis and Josiah Quincy Jr. The two last, the only persons coming in upon business, Mr. Curtis to consult upon a letter of Mr. Vaughan’s to him1 and Quincy to propose that a house should be built for Mr. Lunt upon land my father was to give. I told him I could not pledge my father but that I fancied he was disposed to do every thing he could to promote Mr. Lunt’s comfort and remaining in the town.

Home late where I read little of Livy. The baby appeared better but still with ugly appearances. Afternoon, very slow in my progress with Plutarch. Shall I have the courage to go on. Also Burnet and a little German. Evening Mr. Brooks took tea with us. Finished Von Tietz and afterwards wrote upon the perplexed subject of the currency.


On Petty Vaughan and the Boylston estate, of which Nathaniel Curtis and JQA were executors, see entry for 27 Aug. 1836, above, and vol. 3:131.

Wednesday. 18th. CFA Wednesday. 18th. CFA
Wednesday. 18th.

Clear. I went to the Office and was engaged in my usual occupation of Accounts and making up the Arrears of my Diary which the extraordinary interruptions of the last few days has occasioned. The very short time I spend at the Office hardly is sufficient for my purposes and yet if it was more I know I should waste it. Walk with Mr. Walsh. The season is about as fine a one as I ever knew. There has been hardly a cloud in the sky for ten days and the air though clear is cold enough to be bracing.

Received today from T. B. Adams the remittance made by him to New Orleans so long ago. It is now too late to be of much service to me. Mr. Harrod who sends it excuses himself on the plea that he could not transmit it safely before without great loss. As it is he sends a draft on the Merchants’ Bank payable on the 11th of February.1

Home. Livy. Afternoon, continued working upon Plutarch with 168whom however I go on very slowly. Burnet and German. Evening finished an article upon Mr. Webster’s Speech. G. Gorham was in for an hour.


Lt. Adams used his uncle, Charles Harrod, as the medium through whom he transmitted sums from his salary to CFA as the manager of his affairs.