Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 26th. CFA Thursday. 26th. CFA
Thursday. 26th.

A fine day. I went to the Office and was occupied as usual in Accounts and Diary. The usual routine with the usual number and description of visitors. Mr. Walsh and A. H. Everett. Talked with the latter upon the subject of my papers. He is one of a few familiar with the subject, who seems to understand it as I do, but even he appears to have been puzzled by the co-existence of specie and paper in this Country.

Home a little late. Dutton of the Quincy Stone Cutters. T. Adams Jr. and J. H. Adams all came on dunning expeditions. I paid them all and spoke to the second about procuring me a horse in the spring. Livy. Afternoon Buffon and Burnet with a very languid portion of Plutarch.

Evening, reading to my Wife a part of a new book of Captain Basil Hall’s called Schloss Hainfeld1—amusing enough in his John Bull way. Afterwards, continued writing upon Currency but this was one of 173my bad nights when things do not run well and I only spoil sheets of paper.


Basil Hall, Schloss Hainfeld; or a Winter in Lower Styria, Edinburgh, 1836.

Friday 27th. CFA Friday 27th. CFA
Friday 27th.

A fine mild day. I went to the Office and was occupied as usual. Wrote Diary. Received a letter from Mr. Johnson in Paris complaining of not receiving any remittances through the Barings. His date is as late as the 10th of December at which time my letters of the 10 and 13 September must have been sometime lieing at the bureau of the Welles. He has evidently forgotten the change of direction requested through his letter from the Hague to my mother. For the rest his letter is full of complaints about his health and intimates a speedy return home.1

Walk and home to read Livy. Afternoon, Buffon and Burnet. I have got very tired of the style of the latter because it is so feeble. He does not grasp his ideas in language. One is puzzled to find out his meaning and sometimes one gets tired of the trouble of the attempt. Read a little of Forster who is fatiguing from the immense length of his sentences. Here is a difficulty of a different kind, and increased by the doubt as to the precise force of words. Evening, we had the family here, and got along very well. Nothing however of any consequence.


The letter from Thomas Baker Johnson is missing. LbCs of CFA’s letters to Johnson of 10 and 13 Sept. 1836 addressed c/o S. Welles & Co., Paris, as well as the RC of the letter of 13 Sept., are in the Adams Papers. Johnson’s letter to LCA from The Hague is missing.

Saturday. 28th. CFA Saturday. 28th. CFA
Saturday. 28th.

Mild morning. Office where I was not enabled to execute even my usual routine from the number of interruptions. Mr. Burril from Quincy took up an inordinate length of time in a statement of his grievances about his tenancy. He told me a long story for which I told him another, and then he paid me part of his rent and offered me security for the future. I told him that if W. Spear at Quincy had not actually let the House to any one else, in that case, I had no objection to his remaining. But that it must depend upon that. He said Spear promised him last night he would do no more about letting until he, Burril, could see me. He seemed in much agitation of mind upon the subject.

Home late, having some purchases to make, particularly of some 174wine at Mr. Williams’. Afternoon, Burnet, and Buffon. Evening, reading to my Wife from Schloss Hainfeld and afterwards made successful progress in the Currency.